Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Changing Landscapes.

On the edge of Bookham Common this old wooden stile marks the boundary between to very different landscapes and over the past two years there have been dramatic changes to the view across the previously open countryside.

This is how it used to be ... open grassland with the occasional surprise hidden amongst the 'fodder' crop.

Now the view from the stile indicates a totally different land use. After a change in ownership it is now a Stud Farm with brand new fences everywhere and the grass evenly cut in every direction.

The reason for all this expansive fencing is to accommodate the livestock ... in this paddock it is mares in foal .. the owners no doubt hoping that one will produce the next racing champion!

Fortunately the landscape on the other side of the stile hasn't been tampered with and the flora and fauna is managed by nature itself. I will be sharing some of the interesting wildlife in a future post.  FAB.


  1. beautiful horses. love the ivy on the posts, though.

  2. A few more decades of global pollution and the Uk may look like Kings Canyon!! (well maybe!)

    I miss the small details of the landscape, like stiles and old paths.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. A beautiful farm with gorgeous horses. I love the flowers. What a lovely place and great photos.

  4. lovely post and I especially enjoyed the natural 'flora' including hollyhocks?

  5. I suppose it could have been put to much worse use Frank. They could have ripped it all up and built on it.

  6. The last picture makes me want to walk!

  7. We are indeed changing the landscape big time suit our needs and desires...
    That is humanity!!
    Like you I'd rather spend my time immersed in mother nature's untampered places!
    looking forward to see your next pics!
    Cheers, keep well Frank!

  8. You definitely 'backed a winner' by staying on your side of the stile Frank, if that montage is anything to go by?...[;o)

  9. Thanks Everyone. Some views from 'the other side of the stile' will be posted in a while.


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