Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Beside the Towpath.

Last Friday morning found me treading the towpath alongside the River Wey Navigation. 

As usual  I started from the iron bridge but decided on this occasion to head downstream initially enjoying the shade afforded by the waterside trees as far as the lock with just the sound of water seeping through the upstream gates and bubbling onto the murky depths below. 

After crossing the lock my attention was immediately drawn towards an area of brambles, grasses and wild flowers, including Hemp-agrimony and Tansy on which a few butterflies were enjoying the sunshine and nectar.

Peacock and Gatekeeper.

Other species included Meadow Brown, a Comma and Large Skipper.

All along the towpath the waterside plants and grasses were often taller than me thereby restricting any decent views of the water but what did surprise me was the number of male Banded Demoiselles that gracefully fluttered up from the vegetation as I passed by. Throughout just a mile stretch of this waterway I estimated that there must have been over a hundred males but I only spotted one or two females hiding amongst the plants.
A male Banded Demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens) showing off its iridescent colours; the metallic blue-green body with its very distinctive blue-black wing band. [I will show you some more images in a future post].

With the sun beating down I was very glad to find some more shade beneath another bridge.

Mrs Mallard drifted silently past me.

I sat here for some time enjoying just the sound of water tumbling over the weir on the far side of the river interrupted very occasionally by the mewing call of Common Buzzards floating high above their nearby woodland habitat.  FAB.

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  1. What a lovely bridge ..... And your butterflies capture my heart!

  2. Hi Frank That looks a great place for peace and quiet and at the same time photograph butterflies.. Yours are great. My favorite this time is Banded Demoiselle and I love the shot of Mrs Mallard

  3. lovely butterflies and damselfly!

  4. The Banded Demoiselle is a beauty, how amazing that you saw so many,what a beautiful sight that must have been:)Lovely shots of the butterflies and Mallard also. Where you walk is so picturesque.

  5. A hundred demoiselles - Wow! Love to have seen them. Perfect weather for walking by water recently. I'd have wanted to dip my feet in too :)

  6. Wonderful collection of butterflies! Love this post.

  7. Hi Frank
    What a cracking place I can just imagine walking along there and listening to the sound of slow moving water.
    Add to that some great images and it must be hard to beat.
    Nice One.

  8. What a pretty spot! A lovely scene to see the birds, damsels and butterflies. Great shots!

  9. What a beautiful place to walk and photograph. Good to see so many butterflies. I love the bridge. Great shot of the damselfly and also of the mallard too.

  10. That's the place to be Frank! Beautiful scenery,wall to wall 'nature' the sounds of trickling water and sunshine...a walk in paradise...perfect!!
    And you captured some cracking images along the way!...[;o)

  11. that dragonfly is very special and I love the duck photo too

  12. Your header is amazing, but all of the photos are a joy to behold!
    Cheers from Cottage Country Canada!

  13. Wonderfly shots Frank. The butterflies are beautiful. Love the duck! With over a hundred male Demoiselles in the area, I'd be hiding too if I was a female!

  14. Charming photos and wonderfully descriptive account of your outing. I felt as if I were there with you.

  15. I really love all the bridges. What a splendid walk.

  16. Oh what a wonderful habitat for so many species and even us humans.. Love this post Frank....Michelle

  17. Hi Everyone. Thanks for joining me and I'm delighted that you enjoyed the sights and sounds on my towpath ramble.

    Some more of those Demoiselle images will be on-line very soon. FAB.


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