Thursday, 25 July 2013

Female Black Darter.

Despite several attempts the male Black Darters (Sympetrum danae) on Thursley Common have been very uncooperative so here are a few images of a female taken very recently.

From a distance the female does look very much like other darters but her all black legs, a black triangle on top of the thorax and the very distinctive row of three yellow dots within the black median stripe on the side of the thorax is the best way if identifying this species.

The females are more active during the late afternoon and like this one tend to perch amongst denser vegetation to avoid harassment from the males. This ensures that the females will mate with males that are more accomplished at seeking them out.

Typical habitat is shallow acidic, nutrient poor pools with abundant emergent vegetation on heathland, moorland and bogs. Usually in flight from mid July to mid September.

  All images were taken with 70-300 lens, handheld.  FAB.

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  1. Hi Frank These are great shots and thanks for explaining how you IDed them. That was very helpful

  2. Great post and photos of the Black Darter! Your info is helpful too.

  3. she has pretty brown eyes. :)

  4. Great shots of the female Black Darter, Frank.

    Here in Wales it's been a very poor year so far for dragonflies. There are several locations where I can usually guarantee some good shots where I've seen none at all.

  5. She's a beauty! We've had a good dragonfly summer so far.

  6. hm, didn´t know about the three yellow dots. Most dragonflies are difficult to ID. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Super set of images Frank, well captured. This is one that I've yet to see!...[;o)

  8. Such fine, deliacte and beautifully detailed wings! Lovely photos.

  9. Hi Everyone. I enjoyed this little session with The Black Darter so thanks for all your visits and appreciative comments.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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