Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Starling


  1. Many folks despise Starlings here. Personally, I think they're clever, good mimics and quite pretty in their breeding plumage.

  2. Yes Lynne, I remember many years ago running indoors to answer the phone - only to find it was the local 'mimic'!

  3. The starlings in my yard are a complete pain most times. When they are not, I don't mind them around. They do have a very pretty song and their plumage can indeed be pretty as evidenced by your picture.

  4. Hi Frank,
    Lynne was talking about me in her comment. I only like them in my backyard in the summer when I see large groups of them foraging for insects across the backyard.
    I've heard starling populations are declining "across the pond," is that true?

  5. Come on Kallen & Ruthie, the are not all that bad, except in large no's chasing everything else away.

    Ruthie, you are correct, they are "Red listed" as a globally threatened species. Historical decline in Uk 1800 - 1995 & there is concern over their hence the increase in 'Starling' products such as boxes & feeders etc. We are also seeing evidence that Rose-ringed Parakeets (introduced species) are taking over Starling nest holes.

  6. Wow Frank, what goes around, comes around. Unfortuantely, they are very successful at taking over nest cavities of many species here.

    But looking at your picture, I put all of the natter aside. This is a picture of a European Starling taken in Europe. For that I can smile and enjoy the photo.

  7. Even the common can be very beautiful--I like their markings.

  8. Yeh well, a lot of people would not have taken this pictures because it is just a starling but I love them and found their robe very colorful... THis is a beautiful picture with a blue sky...

  9. Steve - Glad you liked it despite the species habits!

    Nina - Yes 'spotted' is its winter coat. In spring it changes to wholly unspotted breast & the bill colour alters. Juvs are just all dirty brown!

    Chris - Thanks again. It was taken thro' a scope with a pocket digi camera in order to test an adapter made by my father. He was pleased to.


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