Friday, 6 February 2009

Memories from 2008 (Part 1)

As it has been another grey, damp day & no opportunity to bird watch whilst at work I thought I would share some images of my "memories from 2008".

I have been visiting Whichford Pottery, in Warwickshire, both on business and for pleasure for over 10 years. I am always fascinated to see both new designs of traditional 'hand thrown' English terracotta pots and how they use older pots within the pottery and the owners garden.
Peacock on a pot!

Most years I visit the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show (on my day off!) to meet old friends, many who are business contacts and to see what is 'new' in gardening. One of the smaller 'show' gardens designed by / for children & a radical (or radial) seed feeder.

I first visited Bulgaria in September 2007 on an organised birding holiday to witness Autumn migration along the Black Sea Coast. I was so enthralled with the people, the landscapes and the numbers of birds seen that I just had to return in May 2008 to experience a wider range of habitats throughout the country in the Spring.

Saltpans near Bourgas

European Bee-Eaters

White Stork

Red-backed Shrike

A male Pied Wheater staking his claim
& milking time interupts 'rarity' hunting!

Finally I could not forget an image of Cone Flowers in the 'Ouldof'' borders at RHS Wisley.

Throughout the coming year I intend to revisit these memories and post a more 'in depth' resume of places visited in previous years, so please look out for Parts 2, 3......etc.


  1. Great pictures. I can't get over the peacock on the pot. The bee eaters are so cute!

  2. Nice post Frank - and I lurve Whichford pots.... and didn't those bee eaters pose nicely for you :)

    Look forward to your continuing series.....

  3. Great post Frank, I especially enjoyed the cows! and the cone flowers are beautiful.

  4. How lovely to "revisit" these memories to fill these gray days until we have new memories to make. :c)

  5. Such a nice variety of photos to view today! The peacock pottery was a nice piece - and enjoyed the birds and flowers!


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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