Monday, 23 February 2009

Garden delights - Euphorbia & Hellebores.

A few images from my garden, taken on Sunday in-between doing some paperwork and helping Anita to complete 70 odd 'handmade' Wedding Invitations for a friend. I was hoping to post a photo of the finished articles but Pam dropped by today and collected them.

First is the new 'reddish' blotchy growth on a Euphorbia and then the acid green bracts contrasting with the darker leaves on the more mature stems that have not been cut back.
EuphorbiaBefore our recent 'large' snowfall I cut back the old leaves on the Hellebores in order to more easily see the new flowers as they open. However, the weight of snow has done a lot of damage around the garden but a few hardy individuals have come through to present their fresh colours.
Helleborus orientalis


  1. Such pretty flowers and greenery already!! Very nice and colorful.

  2. Waaa! I want colorful flowers in MY yard.
    That will happen maybe in May...

  3. I can't believe you already have such beautiful flowers growing in your garden. Our weather is not mild enough yet to even think of blooms...or even buds!

  4. Such interesting flowers you have there Frank. Thanks for the burst of color. :c)

  5. HI Frank,
    Same as Kelly here. The winter is not finishing before mid-may some years and I guess this one is gonna be pretty rainy, so late flowering for us probably....
    Well it is nice to see that you are able to take pictures of other things than birds ;-), this is something I never tried, maybe I should sometime!!!
    Thanks to feel concern about my lens, it is under warranty, so I should not pay anything (well I hope).

  6. Thanks everyone - just glad to bring a little colour into your lives. I can't begin to fully understand how you cope with such long grey/white winters. But at least I have your colurs to look forward to later this year. FAB

  7. Hi Frank,
    I'm so pleased to have discovered you, your Hellebores are beautiful. I had some lovely colourful ones last year but unfortunately this year they have not flowered, maybe I should have fed them more.
    All good wishes for your blog.

  8. Welcome ShySongbird to "The Earlybirders". I've sent an e-mail with some tips re the Hellebores.

  9. Hi again Frank,
    I see you say you have sent me an email but I'm afraid I haven't received it. I have tested the link from my blog and it all seems ok but just in case there was a problem this is the address

    Both of the s's are capitalized. Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. Hi yet again,
    Sorry to be a nuisance but have just checked sending email to myself and it doesn't seem to matter whether the s's are capitalized or not it works both ways so not sure why your email didn't reach me, perhaps if you have time you could try again. Thanks.

  11. ShySongbird, I have sent another e-mail to & hope that reaches you. In any event here is the content:
    I would recommend a slow release fertiliser and a good thick mulch - either good well rotted garden compost or well rotted manure (but not fresh as it will burn everything) or even mulitipurpose compost. Hellebores are hungry feeders and do best in partial shade. If your soil is very well drained &/or sandy they will needs lots of food to replenish nutrient leached out by natural rainfall. Also helps to cut back the very old leaves to show off the new growth.
    Hope that helps.


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