Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentines Day - Another garden 1st.

I ventured out into the garden early this morning to refill all the feeders and was greeted by a Dunnock proudly singing from the top of a nearby conifer who was quickly joined by his partner and they flew off together. Next the Robin added his tuneful voice to the still cold air. The next job was to repair the netting on the roof of the fruit cage (now used for other purposes) which was damaged by the weight of snow that we recently experienced. As I inserted new clips with frozen fingers I heard the unmistakable call of a PIED WAGTAIL. It was perched right on top of the birch tree - great a garden first - although they are regularly seen in the immediate locality I do not recall ever seeing one stop in my garden before, but could I get a photo?
Blackbird perched briefly on the privet hedge and gave me the eye!

Not long after I returned indoors the birds decided to return and gorge themselves on the available food; Collared Doves (4), Feral Pigeons (2), Starlings (5); Great Tits (2), Blue Tits (2) plus evidence of courtship with food passing from beak to beak; Blackbirds (2); Magpies (2) but didn't stop long thankfully; Greenfinches (6); Long-tailed Tits (2) - same pair returning regularly; Robin (2); Goldcrest (1); Rose-ringed Parakeets (2); House Sparrows (male & female) and the pair of Dunnocks also returned. A definite pattern here on Valentines Day!

Goldcrest on Osmanthus & Fat Feeder


  1. Love the colors on the wagtail. It is so neat to see other bird types accross the Atlantic that we don't have here.

    Awesome job on the blackbird. You can really see the detai of those feathers.

    Love your goldcrest photos. I have been searching for a month now for our kinglets but have not seen any since that terrible cold spell we had. :o(

    Contgrats on the yard first!

  2. Glad to oblige with some different species Kallen. I'm also learning alot from the birds you are posting.
    I suspect the Kinglets (like our Goldcrests) are finding it difficult to survive in these conditions as they need to eat,eat,eat just to stay alive.

  3. The Pied Wagtail aside Frank, but it must be nice to get a Goldcrest in your garden.

  4. Like you, early Birder, I am surrounded by pied wagtails, but rarely get a visit from them!

  5. Roy - Most unexpected & returning fairly regularly hence the delight.

    Warren - Strange it is when I often see them flying around the roofs of other houses, must relate to their food source.


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