Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Window Watching in January.

Much of this months garden watching has been done through the window so here are a few of my regular daily visitors.

Pair of Starlings, probably up to no good!

This one was game to try anything!

House Sparrow (female) keeping watch.

Greenfinch (female) waiting her turn.


Just a lazy Collared Dove

Ring-necked Parakeet playing hide and seek!

Blue Tit checking who else might be around.

Another few hours spent in the garden today; more pruning and moving pots around but hoping to get out somewhere locally tomorrow if the weather behaves.    FAB.


  1. Are the parakeets a native species in England?

  2. Haha! Your first caption made me laugh out loud: "Pair of Starlings, probably up to no good!" true in my yard. I'm always amazed when I see those Ring-necked Parakeets. They just look like they should be somewhere warm...

  3. Lovely photos of the birds that frequent your garden.
    You must have alot of patience.
    Just bought a new feeding station but could really do with it nearer the house. Other feeders are too far away aswell, but will work on that this year.
    Kind Regards

  4. Hi Red. Parakeets are an introduced species. When I get some more pics I will do a seperate post on them.

    Hi Kelly. I find the Starlings quite comical! The Parakeets certainly bring an exotic feel to the outlook.

    Hi Shirleyanne. Waiting and watching is second nature to me plus plenty of spare time on my hands! A few of our feeders are quite close to the house at the moment but will get moved to the end of the garden at end of winter and away from nesting areas.

  5. Frank, I always enjoy your blog so much. I really like seeing the variety of birds you have in your yard. The Starlings are quite beautiful when the sun hits them, but we don't seem to be bothered with too many of them. About late April though, the dreaded Grackles return and they are quite aggressive, mean and bossy to the other birds. So I'm not real fond of them.

  6. HAHA! Starlings are always up to no good! I have to admit thought that I think this plumage is really very pretty. Don't tell them I said that though...

    Is that a coconut shell filled with suet? Did you make it yourself? I think I'll try that!

  7. Hi Mona. This was a typical selection of many of our year round visitors although the Starlings are more likely to be seen in numbers during the winter. Ha ha..I always associate Grackles with that that sort of temperament!

    Hi Lynne. Why not! I think their winter 'spotty' coat is fabulous.
    Yes, the coconut shell is filled with suet & seed mix but purchased thro' my regular seed supplier. So far it has attracted the Tits, Robin, Starling, Blackcap and a Woodpigeon who had to lean in from a nearby perch.

  8. Lovely photos Frank, were they actually taken through the glass? Your double glazing must be clearer than mine or maybe that should be cleaner! ;)

    The Starlings certainly looked like they were plotting something and the Parakeet looks so cheeky and still (however many times I see them on blogs) so exotic!

  9. Hi Jan. Definitely all through the double glazing. However clear or clean it still doesn't make it easy to get really clear pics and when the birds are close they are still easily spooked by any internal movement...just have to be patient. I've just noticed that something has left it's footprints on one pane so looks like I'll have to get polishing again!

  10. Great set of photos Frank, the first one of the Starlings actually looks like a mirror image!
    I had one of those coconut shells delivered the other day with a load of other birdfood from a UK supplier - just need to find somewhere to hang it now!

  11. you like them in the garden? I would love to have them, they are so bright and cheerful looking. I have relatives who live close to London and they get them in their gardens. They say they are extremely noisy.

    Starlings are noisy bullies, but I do like them. They are such fun to watch....the squabbles that break out are always good entertainment.

    You have a lot of birds in your garden....lovely to see them.....

  12. Hi Sharon. I'm sure your birds will love the coconut feeder.

    Hi Cheryl. Only one or two tend to land at the moment so they aren't a problem yet but we have seen up to 80 roosting just over the road and they sure are noisy! The garden visitors obviously know after all these years where they can grab a snack when needed.

  13. I always find it fascinating the way Starlings will sit peacefully in groups chuntering away to each other but the moment they are feeding it becomes instant warfare - never a dull moment.
    Lovely photos of your garden visitors.

  14. Lovely Parakeet shot,lokks fab on your feeder.

  15. Midmarsh John. I agree, it doesn't take much to spark them into action.

    JRandSue. Thanks John, they certainly add colour to the grey days.


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