Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Forecasted Snow Arrives.

The forecast on Tuesday was for heavy snow overnight. Well it started late yesterday evening and just before midnight the local Council were gritting the roads and also the pavements in our road well into the early hours of this morning.

This was the view over the roof tops this morning...just 4 inches but many other locations suffered much more severely bringing services and transport to a halt.

Early am visitors to the feeders included this Collared Dove plus the usual Blue Tits, Coal Tit, Starlings, Robin, Blackbird, Dunnock, Greenfinches, House Sparrows and Magpies. New garden ticks for this year were a Song Thrush (not seen for at least 2 years), Carrion Crow and fly-overs by Black-headed Gulls and a single Grey Heron presumably looking for an unfrozen pond somewhere.

Later on a Parakeet joined in the feeding frenzy!

As the day wore on the temperature just crept above freezing and some of the snow began to melt.

This was the scene across the rooftops later this afternoon as the flurries continued and we now wait for the next installment and the likelihood of very icy conditions tomorrow morning.     FAB


  1. Sorry, I think we must have sent some of our weather over your way. But it does give an opportunity for some great images.

  2. I am always startled to see a parakeet at an outdoor feeder.

    It's beautful.

  3. Wonderful shots, love the Parakeet and the dove.

  4. It's very snowy here as well. We got about 7 inches yesterday, and tonight it's supposed to get down to 33 below zero! Happy New Snowy Year.

  5. That COLD Frank!! Thank goodness we do not get snow here where I live I would freeze my butt off. I wonder where the parakeet escaped from? At least he has found your feeder. :)

  6. The snow hit pretty hard here too, but no sign of any gritting lories lol
    Now, strangely enough Frank, I've had my first Song Thrush in the garden today. This cold weather must be hitting them hard I think.

  7. Its amazing how those parakeets have adapted to our weather conditions over the years Frank.

  8. The parakeet looks somehow very wrong in the snow, doesn't it?

  9. Wow They planned it too here but it did not come. Looks like you got it for us! It gives a nice atmosphere for the pictures and the parakeet shot is gorgeous... Funny to think you can see this bird in your country!

  10. Steve B. Appology accepted but I think the high pressure system in the Atlantic is sitting much higher north that in previous years.

    Lynne. A few years ago I would have been surprised but since the main Surrey roost broke up we are seeing many more here. They certainly brighten up a drab garden. LOL.


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