Saturday, 30 January 2010

Garden Watching - Female Blackcap

The first sighting of Mrs. Blackcap was during the snowy weather and she could regularly be seen perched in either the Hawtorn or the Prunus and seemed to hold her own against most allcommers wishing to get to the nearby feeder. Certainly less intimidated than the the male and I've watched her chase Blue, Great and Coal Tits away although the gang of 8 Greenfinches was a different story!
Over the ensuing days we have seen two seperate females in the garden at the same time but I couldn't tell them apart although one of them is now boldly flying onto feeders very close to the house including pinching biscuit crumbs put out specifically for the Robins. 
I bet I won't get this close to a migrant visitor in the Spring.   FAB.


  1. These are fabulous shots Frank. Very nice capture.

  2. well, maybe the "robin eater" is a false black back... it is a incognito robin ;-)

    Great shot, I know it is SO great to have "them" so close...
    Great job, and glad to see you manage to get some fun

    lol : pw is eyesfit

  3. Great Frank, you had to get it.

  4. Cheers Roy, not so bad for "through the window".

    Val. Thank you and "eyesfit" was very appropriate.

    Bob. Too much spare time so had to do something!

  5. Lovely pictures Frank. The female Blackcap who appeared in my garden for a couple of days, I noticed like yours, was quite feisty. I have not seen a male Blackcap.

  6. Cracking shots Frank, especially that last one. I think you're right, springtime will be a little harder to see them so close. Enjoy while we can. :)

  7. Excellent images, especially the last.

  8. Mona. Thank you very much.

    Lynmiranda. Yes, I watched the female tussle with a Blue Tit again today. Keep looking, there is always a chance a male will turn up in your garden.

    Keith. Cheers. I'll keep shooting while they are around.

    Steve B. Thanks my friend..not too shabby for a rank beginner!

  9. I have a blackcap nesting in a rather precariously positioned nest in the choysia bush in our garden, she has several hatchlings but I don't want to get too close to her. Do you think she is a blackcap, she definitely looks like the 5th photo down on here.

  10. Anonymous. In your image she appears to have a brown cap so could be a Blackcap. No doubt the father won't be far away so you should get sightings to confirm one way or the other.


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