Friday, 8 January 2010

Snowy Walk.

After some very local shopping for essential supplies yesterday we decided to take a walk in a totally different direction. Taking extreme care not to upend ourselves while walking along the roadside we located the path that meanders alongside the Bonesgate stream (hidden on the left).  Anita made the comment that the view was far prettier now than in the summer because the snow disguises all the rubbish unlawfully dumped by irresponsible local inhabitants and dog walkers!
Evidence of an increase in temperature and then a refreeze.
While I was searching out Great Spotted Woodpecker, Chaffinch (hoping for a Brambling but not today), Blue Tits, Blackbird, Robin, Redwing, Song Thrush, Dunnock and Goldfinches, Anita decided she would have a bit of childhood fun.
At the junction of the Bonesgate stream and the Hogmill River we stopped to watch Mallard, Moorhen and then a few Black-headed Gulls dropped in.
Obvious I still need to work on correct settings to counter the 'blown out' whites!

Our next decision having reached the south-eastern corner of Tolworth Court Farm Fields was which path to take to make our way homeward? So using Tolworth Tower, an obvious landmark, we headed east across the snow covered fields and pathways logging Magpie, Jay, Greenfinch, Long-tailed Tits, Collared Dove, Woodpigeon, Crow and Starlings plus a fox, rabbits and grey squirrels.
This area still resembles the rural landscape of the past and is the remnant of an enclosed farmed field system comprising of 7 fields, of neutral, semi-natural and unimproved, lowland grassland of which one meadow is wet grassland. The site covers an area of approximately 50.00ha. Old hedges and associated veteran trees with small pockets of secondary woodland dissect and bound the site with a confusing network of footpaths. The whole site is prone to water logging during periods of high rainfall (just wait and see when the snow eventually thaws!) and surface cracking during long dry spells. The overall management aim is to conserve, enhance and restore the existing nature conservation interest and to provide local people with an accessible place to enjoy nature (just a pity they don't help to keep it tidy!).

Nearly home to the warmth of a late lunch with most vehicles still sitting dormant at the roadside.  FAB.


  1. It looks like it was snowing, I think that I am dreaming!

  2. That looks like a really pleasant walk. I know what you mean about rubbish being dumped. We get the same in the 'wilder' parts of this village.
    Loved the photos of the stag in the previous entry.

  3. The covering-up-the-rubbish aspect of snow is one of the things I appreciate most about it! Thanks for showing us a bit of your world :)

  4. Love that photo of the snow and ice on the branches! Nice work. We have only minus 19 here this morning - feels like a heatwave compared to the -38 we had!

  5. Bob. In another world I think!

    John. It seems crazy when we have regular collections and a refuse dump close by. The Council have worked hard to clean up but I'm not sure it will do much good in the long run. Glad you liked the stags...a bigger boy to post soon.

    Penny. Just like throwing a blanket over everthing!

    Mona. That's insanely cold!!

  6. Lovely Images Frank.
    Looks fresh covered in snow.

  7. Thank you, Frank, for your comment on my blog. I like your photos in the mosaic, the snow and soft colours make winter scenes moody...

  8. Nice shots Frank. Love the fresh clean untouched snow. Nature's beauty! Happy New Year.

  9. That's a coincidence Frank, I'm thinking of walking the Hogsmill from Ewell tomorrow in the hope that the running water will harbour a few avian suprises (Bittern, Little Egret, I'm not fussy...)

  10. Great photos Frank! It must be great to go walking in the snow. I love winter but from inside..Ha!

  11. John. It was certainly crisp and clean.

    Petra. Thanks. I should have taken more photos but got distracted looking for wildlife!

    Angie. Glad to see your fingers are working. Happy New Year.

    Ginny. We have another storm on the way so will probably be following you by watching thro' the window for a while.

  12. Hi Steve. I'll be impatiently waiting to hear what you find. Anything is possible!

  13. Hey Frank, great winter scenes from your area to look back on in a few weeks, months... next year!

    Hope this isn't to be a new winter pattern for us here in the UK. Don't know how peple in Russia, Alaska and Canada survive their long white days. I've had a great summer's day in Scotland today... I avoided looking out my window at the time of course ;-)

    Wishing you a good weekend :-D

  14. Hi Shirl. I think it may take a while before the whiteness receeds. Another very cold day and more snow is forecasted to fall very soon. Our friends across the water no what to expect and get prepared...we just muddle through!!


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