Thursday, 28 January 2010

Garden Watching - Male Blackcap

I am pleased to report that the Blackcaps (Sylvia atricapilla) are still around and making regular forays into our garden. So here are a few very recent snaps, again through the window, of Mr. Blackcap.

Unlike the females, the male is very wary around the feeders and is easily spooked.

Do you think he knows I'm inside?

Not sure how long this guy or the two females will hang around but it's great having his company.  FAB.


  1. Great shots Frank. Well done.

  2. ...he is a gorgeous bird. Very sleek looking, and I love the crazy eye he's giving you in that last photo. He looks a touched perturbed!

  3. Smashing Blackcap photos Frank Have not had any in my garden this winter.

  4. What fantastic photos, a beautiful little bird!

  5. What a beautiful bird! For "through the window" shots, they are very nice indeed.

  6. Very Envious of you for having that at your feeders!

  7. Hi everyone & thanks for the comments on Mr Blackcap.

    Keely. I think the look is "quzzical"!

    Pam. Welcome & thanks for dropping by.

    Warren. Well you have a few on your 'patch' I wouldn't mind seeing locally.

    BTW pics of MRS Blackcap will be next up. FAB.

  8. Oh yes, I guess he knows you are inside... maybe he loves it!
    Wanna be a star... who knows

  9. Hi Val. Yes, I guess he has definitely been the 'star' this month.


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