Friday, 22 January 2010

Mid-week Browns, Pinkish and Damp.

After the stroll around a very damp Riverside Park on Wednesday I stopped off at Bookham Common.

Great Spotted Woodpecker

The most common species were Long-tailed Tits, calling and frantically feeding through the branches overhead. Rarely stopping for a moment so these are the best I could manage.

Management of the common and woodlands continues apace to open up the canopy floor so many trees are being thinned out.

So how old do you think this one was? (Click to enlarge)

Lichens are a sure sign of damp sites.

The watery sun hides behind the gathering clouds, so it's time to make tracks for home.  FAB.


  1. I'll guess 70 on the tree. Hate to see old trees get cut down.

    Did I win a prize?? LOL

  2. ...I love the lichen shots--really nice, and of course, the Long-tailed Tits are just so cute.

  3. Nice shots Frank ,I like the Lichen pics.I agree those Long Tails dont stop for anything.

  4. Hi Frank,
    Long-tailed tits are not that easy to get in the box!!! Well done on the woodpecker picture, it is a nice one! So you are still fighting against the weather! very strange winter we are getting!

  5. I reckon your tree stump is somewhere near fifty years old Frank.

    There does seem to be more lichen than usual here, especially on branches on the North side of hedges.

    LTTs aren't exactly know for hanging around to have their portraits taken, are they.

  6. Lovely Winter images Frank.

  7. Stunning woodpecker - also especially taken by the lichen

  8. The tree was older than you Frank, "Just". {:)

  9. Richard. Fortunately most of the really old trees are being retained. 70 is a fair assessment but in view of the distance between us it will just have to be a 'virtual' days birding with FAB..ok?

  10. Kelly. There seem to be Long-tails everywhere I go at the moment and they are a delight to watch.

  11. Monty. As usual the LTT's ran rings around me!

    Chris. I hope to get a realy good one of the woodie soon but this will have to do for now. Yep, still wet, wet and more wet!

    Midmarsh John. I think Richard was closer to the mark at 70..sorry. The lichen are obviously enjoying our wetter winters!

    JRandSue. Cheers John.

    Chris Petrak. The woodie pic is ok but I think I can do better...a bigger lens would help.

    Roy. Cheeky...a longer in the tooth I think!

  12. Its all LT Tits and GS Woodpeckers here too at the moment Framk.

  13. Warren. Well at least we have something in common. Have a good weekend.


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