Sunday, 10 January 2010

Garden Sightings

Another fairly cold and lazy day for The Early Birder yesterday although I did spend some time watching the frantic feeding activity in the garden but from the inside! Mr Blackcap returned several times and we also had brief views of MRS Blackcap but neither came close enough for decent pictures. Greenfinches and the House Sparrows generally hogged the feeders but allowed visits by Blue, Geat and a Coal Tit. A few Starlings, Blackbirds, Dunnocks and two Robins together with the Collared Doves also made regular forays throughout the garden. A total surpise was a visit from a REDWING (a garden first as far as I can recall) and then a hour later 8 Redwing perched briefly but carried on their journey to wherever. A Carrion Crow and the usual Magpies also dropped in to liven up proceedings.

House Sparrow.

Spotty Starling taking up centre stage.

Mixture of todays visitors.

Robin Redbreast.

Resting Collared Dove.

This was the only sign of sun that I saw today!    FAB


  1. Another great selection of shots Frank,and I agree not the weather for getting out and about at the moment.

  2. a great selction of lovely photos, regards Phil

  3. Love the Spotty Thrush Frank. Ours here tend to be so plain and uninteresting.

  4. Still love to find a winter blackcap in my garden. Nice.

  5. Nice visitors you got there. :) The Spotty Starling image looks great. :)

  6. Lovely photos Frank and the ones of the Blackcap on the previous post are stunning. We have them in our garden both male and female but I just can't get a decent photo partly because of my eye problems but also because we face north and through double glazed windows it is really difficult at the moment.

  7. A good spot of "armchair birding" Frank.

  8. Nice bunch of visitors! The Starling shot is great. They are so colorful.

  9. Monty. We've had a bit of a thaw here but who knows what is in store weather wise this week.

    Phil. Thanks, I'll attempt some digi-scoping again soon when some new gear arrives by post!

    Joan. Spotty in winter and drabber in summer..that's life if you are a Starling.

    Warren. With these weather conditions anything is possible.

    Angad. Cheers my friend. Not so easy as birding in the warm sunshine!

    Jan. Our rear garden faces north-west. Lighting is often a challenge and I still need to think about under or over-exposing to get a decent shot.
    Keep trying and you will succeed.

    Roy. Lazy day in the chair again today!

    Mona. Thanks but a visit by any Owl would get the heart rate pumping. Great shot on your recent post.

  10. That is a large amount of bird feeders you've got.

  11. Wilma. One is a regular visitor and often sits awhile while his mates devour the offerings next door!

    Bob B. Yes, but don't have too many vices so just making life as easy as possible for the wildlife during these testing conditions. Once winter is over the no of outlets will be reduced and moved around.

  12. Good selection of garden visitors Frank.
    Lovely shots of the Sparrow and Starling.
    Had my first Redwing in the garden the other day. Must be getting tough for them all at the moment.

  13. Cheers Keith. Similar story with the winter Thrushes all around the country. Thank goodness we have a fridge or freezer we can dive into for a snack!

  14. ...Loved your Mr. and Mrs. Blackcap! Beautiful photos of them, and I really liked Anita on the swing. It's fun to do the childhood things. I had such a fun time sledding with Matty. I need to do it more often!

  15. Hi Kelly. With time to spare it is great to get out walking together and see 'A' enjoying herself!
    Hope to get more pics of Mr & Mrs Blackcap if they stick around AND the light improves.


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