Monday, 18 January 2010

Watching Red Deer (Part 2)

A few more pics from my encounter with the Red Deer last December.

Have just sorted through the images of a much bigger stag and will share a few soon.   FAB


  1. Frank, these are really nice shots. They look like a smaller version of our Elk. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. So serene. Nature offers so much. It always restores my spirit to be at one with her.

    Really lovely images......

  3. Beautiful shots of a magnificent creature Frank!

    I have also just enjoyed your trip out yesterday, I was surprised at your weather, it was glorious here all day, almost (dare I say it?) Springlike!

    You really do have a good variety of places to visit in your area and this was obviously no exception, I suspect it is a place to go to many times and 46 species sounds great to me, many of which I have never seen. Also a very nice photo of the Redshank.

  4. Nice pics, Frank. I love the Red Deer.

  5. Mona. I'm sure you are right.

    Cheryl. I totally agree. Life would not be same if we couldn't enjoy these magical moments from time to time.

    Jan. Thanks. The south coast is a regular haunt but it means a car journey of 1.5 - 2 hours. Yes, 46 wasn't too bad but an early spring or late summer visit could easily produce 80+ species. BTW the damp weather has set in here but snow forecast now changed to rain!!

    Bob B. Cheers. They are majestic animals.

  6. Beautiful photos! I hope to get better photos this winter of our elk; the one set I got they are too far away.

  7. Magnificent animals Frank.
    That last shot is a beauty.

  8. Jann. Well they were in a park so quite used to human interlopers!

    Keith. Thanks, if only the birds would allow me to so close.

  9. Wow - you must be really proud of these Frank. They are fabulous.

  10. Fabulous images Frank, absolutely fabulous.

  11. Glad to see some more of your beautiful Red Deer images, they were what first caught me to your blog and they are also grande as the first round~ Thanks~

  12. Angie. Chuffed to bits..ta.

    Roy. Cheers, if only everything came out this well.

    Mary. You are welcome and I have a few more of a bigger guy up my sleeve, so to speak!

  13. Ok I couldn't resist a plug. I live in the city of Red Deer, Alberta , Canada. We have many elk here which I suppose are somewhat similar to the red deer. The aboriginals called ours waskasoo which means red deer.
    I thoroughly enjoy your pictures which are more than just a red deer bu you catch some expression from the animal.As I defy you to come any closer Sir.

  14. Hi frank,
    Wow these are splendid shots!!! I love the two first one! He looks so gorgeous! I guess this is a really good souvenir!

  15. Andy. You are welcome and thanks for joining the "Early Birders".

    Red. I was definitely given "the eye". My impression is that Elk may be slightly larger but I do have some pics of a bigger waskasoo to post very soon.

    Chris. Sometimes the subject etc just works out far better than I expect. Being able to get close with the 70-300 lens did help!

  16. Beautiful shots of these very handsome animals! Love the winter setting too, especially the color of the forest in the background! Great stuff! (Found this post via a LinkWithin on your post from today)


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