Monday, 11 January 2010

Waiting and watching!

Stayed at home waiting patiently for a parcel to turn up, but despite receing an e-mail to say it should be here it never materialised so hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow. Fewer overall numbers of visitors to the garden today but we did have views of Mr. Blackcap again and at one stage there were also two female Blackcaps. The light was dreadful and shooting through closed double-glazed windows is far from ideal but if I stepped outside most species will fly away and it was cold so I had to make do with the best of a dismal batch of pics for this post.

Male Blackcap

Mrs. Blackcap checking out the fruit and seeds.
One of the female Blackcaps staked out a claim to a feeder hanging in the Hawthorn again today and it was interesting to see her avidly chasing off both the Blue and Great Tits when they dropped in to feed. She was not fazed at all by the attentions of the Greenfinches who constantly squabble for the best perch.

The other female Blackcap (brown cap) comes closer for a snack.

Collared Dove surveying the surroundings.

Male 'Spadgers' keeping a wary look out.

Distant Redwing makes a very brief stopover.

 Robin finds the tin with the stale crumbs and stakes a claim.

No new species visited today but I did catch a glimpse of an accipitor disappearing over the rooftop late this afternoon carring a meal in it's tallons and flapping madly to keep itself in the air!   FAB.


  1. Great post Frank. Lovely pics. We had two female Blackcaps in the garden this morning. First time having two females. I have never seen so many birds of all different species scrambling for food. It is lovely to see them, but I wish they didn't have to take the extra risks. Time to keep an eye on those neighbourhood cats too!

  2. Hi Frank,
    At least you could enjoy the garden visitor while you were waiting... And I have to say I would be happy to see a black cap, still did not manage to get it on my bird list even if we have some in Iceland ;-)

  3. I think your photos are nice and clear Frank. Those birds are so pretty. I never see any Robins in the winter here. And those "Spadgers"? Is that what you call them? I thought they were just House Sparrows. I have lots of them here. I'm not up on the names of birds too much. Nice post Frank!

  4. Angie. Not quite so frantic outside this am with snow receeding. So far I think it's been too cold for the cats to roam outside!

    Chris. I'm sure the opportunity to capture this Sylvia will crop up sometime.

    Ginny. 'Spadger' is local slang for House Sparrow! We are fortunate to have a healthy local population which is not the case everywhere.

  5. Hi Frank.
    As Angie said..we also have two females and a male.
    Arn't they a lovely bird...the female is more pretty (in my opinion) than the male.
    I know what you mean about opening the door......

  6. These are great shots of the Blackcap Frank. Its good that you can see such species from the window especially with this weather.

  7. Windows or not, it's still a nice series of photos. Love seeing "what you see".

  8. Great shots from the garden watch Frank.
    Love the cheeky looking Robin, and the Blackcaps.

  9. Hi Trevor. THe 'lass' definitely has more charisma. Just hoping she'll come closer for a photocall before leaving us for someone else.

    Hi Roy. I've had to do a bit of 'out of season' pruning so the view is less congested.

    Hi Mona. The snow is receeding so we should be able to roam further afield for some new sightings very soon.

    Hi Keith. It certainly beats working.

  10. Everyone getting Blackcaps in their gardens ecept me :-(.

    I did see one in the village square today though - they're getting nearer!

  11. Hi Warren. They are probably popping in when you are out!!

  12. ...lovely post with beautiful photos. I'm glad Mr. and Mrs. Blackcap seem to have settled in. Hope they stay. Sweet shot of the robin!

  13. Hi Kelly. They are still around today but only they know how long they will stay. The Robin is just too camera friendly.


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