Monday, 25 January 2010

Rooms To Let?

Whilst doing some clearing up in the garden over the weekend I checked the nest boxes around our small garden to ensure they were in good order, firmly affixed and ready for occupation.

Well, apart from one box that has no roof any more and the floor looks decidely dodgy all the others appear to be in working order. With one exception (the derelict one) all the boxes face somewhere between NNW to NNE so that they are protected from the glare and heat of the sun. (That's a joke at the moment as I haven't seen any sun!)

The big question is: "Who will the occupants be in 2010?"

Well I can tell you that the Blue Tits have recently been spotted inspecting the woodcrete box up in the Birch and yesterday I heard someone tapping inside the new 'blue' two-storey box behind which in previous years there has been both Robin and Dunnock nests in the ivy but breeding was unsuccessful.

For five out of six years, Blue Tits have regularly nested in the oldest oak box on the rear of the garden shed but last year the Great Tits claimed this as their residence and gave me hours of pleasure watching their comings and goings. I'm tempted to convert this to an 'open' fronted box to see if we can encourage Robin, Dunnock or even Blackbird to use it. To my knowledge the birch log box has never been used so may have to be relocated.

So who's your money on and what birds do you expect to have nesting in your garden in 2010?     FAB.


  1. You have a good selection of des res there for the birds Frank. My Blue Tit box has seen a lot of activity recently though the Robin box seems to be being ignored as usual. I look forward to seeing who takes up residence in your boxes.

  2. HI Frank,
    The last question is easy to answer for me: None... None of our birds are nesting in garden, even if we try hard... The country is so huge that I guess they prefer wild areas ;-) Good luck with yours and I hope we will soon see pictures of your inhabitants!

  3. Hi there Frank, my money's always on the Blue tits! Guesing you've a big garden there to support all these boxes. They all have wonderful character too :-)

    We've had a blue tit roosting all winter in one box but although it looks like pairs are visiting the feeders no daytime inspections yet. We'll be behind you a couple of weeks though.

    Good luck with your boxes for this year. I will follow with interest :-D

  4. Hi Frank, it will certainly be interesting to see how many of your 'desirable residences' are occupied this time and it is heartening to know the birds are house hunting already :)

    I loved seeing the Nuthatch and Treecreeper on the previous post and the GSW and LTTs on the one before that, you are certainly making good use of the extra time on your hands.

  5. Nice post! When I put out birdhouses, it's usually the sparrows that take over. Sometimes a little Wren gets one for itself.

  6. As if I'm not aching for spring and the birds to return as it is Frank, your post is bitter sweet! Really nice photos/post.

  7. Hi early birder......great set of boxes. The birds are well catered for in your garden.

    I have personally never found the open boxes to be successful. The robin never uses them....he uses the ivy that cloaks a dying tree in the small copse.

    I am expecting the wren and song thrush to nest here. They do each year......

    Blue tits, great tits, and sparrows are inspecting boxes but that is about it......

    The anticipation of spring is just so exciting......

  8. I'd love to be able to put up nest boxes but unfortunately can't due to moving house in April - is it a bit too late to put them up after that or might they still be used?
    Nice photos - love the Blue Tit.
    Thanks for your comments on Weekly Tweet!

  9. Hi Frank,
    Just had a nestbox cam fitted at the school, and we are anticipating a blue tit to move in!

  10. I reckon the Great Tits will again nest in the same box.

  11. Thanks everyone. I will certainly keep you advised of this years tenancy agreements as and when they are taken up.

    John. If the Robin finds the right location he doesn't need the box, but you never time.

    Chris. Wouldn't be the same if we all had similar locations and the same birds.

    shirl. It's actually a small garden so may be 1 or 2 boxes too many but you have to give them options. You also have the advantage of cameras so I'll be watching with interest.

    Jan. Getting House Sparrows to nest would be an bonus but we'll just have to wait and see. Trying my best to get out and about, but just need a decent run of clear weather.

    Mona. I envy you the Sparrows and Wren nesting. They visit us but live elsewhere.

    Jann. I'm sorry. I know you'll have to wait longer than us but I'll try to keep you entertained in the meantime.

    Cheryl. I hear what you say about open boxes verses natural habitat which is obviously more preferable if you can provide it.

    Sharon. I know it's a difficult time for you. Jan & Feb is ideal but if you have to leave it until later there is always the possibility it might get used but if not it's ready for the following winter - spring.

    Warren. I'll give it even money.

    Trevor. You may be right, odds are 2 - 1.

  12. What charming bird houses. It will be fun to see who takes up residence.
    Sunny :)

  13. ...exciting! I love all of your nest boxes. You'll definitely have to have a spring review post on the new residents!

  14. Hi Sunny. Yes it will.

    Hi Kelly. I'm hoping it might be a busy time in the garden and will need to plan the campaign.

  15. It is always rewarding to have company come. I miss having nest boxes.

  16. Oh, look at all those fantastic nest boxes. The birds sure have some "pretty" houses to pick from! Love that collage. I'm counting the days until mid-March when the Phoebe's come back and hopefully nest on the side of our house again! Take care - sorry I've been so quiet lately!

  17. Steve B. All visitors always welcome.

    Heather. I'm looking forward to seeing your Phoebe's return. Only 50 odd days until Spring officially starts!


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