Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Window Watching - House Sparrow

When we first set up home here in the early 70's House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) were quite numerous but sometime in the mid 80's they disappeared completely. Around eight or nine years ago they returned and although they do not nest in our garden (probably in a neighbours) I am delighted that they visit every day. They often congregate in the Pittosporum, chatting constantly, and sending out warning calls to their friends if there is a natural predator in the vicinity. Long may they see our domain as a safe haven.   FAB


  1. How interesting - the starling in your last post and the House Sparrow in this one. Both are birds that this side of the pond loves to hate - they're exotic and push out the native species - so say many. But here they are adaptable and successful - and ugly say many. Not sure I agree, but familiarity breeds contempt and both are very familiar. When I tell the disparagers that both are having some difficulty in the native land, they don't seem concerned. On both sides of the pond, they are surely signs that we have done something "not good" to the environment.

  2. Great House Sparrow pictures Frank. They seem to be one of my favorite winter birds. Probably since I have so many of them.

  3. ...I love that second photo, Frank. We have a small colony that lives in the cedars and yews next to my house. For the first year or so at our house, we had none, but now, 10 years later, they have grown to a sizable colony of 40 or more. When I was little, my grandma would call these fellows "Chippies" because of their constant chatter. I like listening to them.

  4. Frank, those are really good shots of the Sparrows. We have "lots" of them right now in our backyard. Plus about 3 dozen Collared Doves, which gobble everything up in about 3 minutes, White-breasted Nuthatches, Chickadees, a half-dozen Goldfinches, a couple Redpolls, and lots of Juncos.

  5. I could not agree more....long live the house garden would be less without them......

    BTW love the photos......

  6. It really is (unfortunately) true that 'familiarity breeds contempt', I well remember looking at the bird table and saying 'Oh, it's only a Sparrow'! We had masses of them years ago and then, as in your case, they disappeared but this last couple of years they have made a small comeback. I have learnt never to take any species for granted and to appreciate every visitor to the garden.

    Lovely photos again Frank :)

  7. Still got a few Sparrers here Frank, but not as numerous as they once were. They dont seem to nest in hedgerows anymore - not that there are any proper hedges left around here!

  8. Chris P. As you say Chris, it's no good blaming the wildlife it's the human race that more often than not creates the problem and now we have to accomodate it, warts and all!

    Richard. I think you've got more than the lion's share!

    Kelly. I like the term 'Chippies', so appropriate..thanks grandma.

    Mona. Good selection visiting you.

    Cheryl. We are in accord with this one.

    Jan. I fully agree. I've spent more time in the last month watching thro' the window and regardless how common the species it is always a joy.

    Warren. I think like many other species they have finally begun to adapt to changed circumstances but still thin on the ground in many locations.


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