Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunny Centres.

Whether adorning the roadside, a piece of wasteland, a hillside meadow or along field edges the typical grassland plant Oxeye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare) puts on a good show through the summer months with its sunny centre providing a welcome feast for all our pollinating insects. In the evening light its blooms appear to glow hence its common names of 'Moon Daisy' and 'Moonpenny'. FAB.


  1. Frank, it's nice to see a bit of sunshine, regardless of how it's delivered!...[;o)

  2. makes for a delightful summery image Frank; nice to see the bees enjoying them too

  3. ...perfect title, Frank! Daisies are one of the happiest flowers around! :-)

  4. Hi Frank.... Never heard the name Moon daisy , we just call them daisies and they are a welcome delight to see every spring!!!


  5. Daisies were my mother's favorite flower and I'm sure it was because they, with their bright and cheery yellow centers, are a happy flower.
    Very pretty photo, Frank.

  6. I've never heard those other names for the oxeye daisy, but I have noticed the glow -- wonderful to know/!

  7. Gorgeous Frank. I also wanted to say that I should be back next week with a published post...finally. Trying to sort through a new script with old and get past the rough spots~


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