Monday, 23 June 2014

ECP Patch Roundup.

There has been very little visible avian activity on my local patch walks around Epsom Common Pond during the past week with most of the breeding birds staying hidden so I thought I would include some other residents as well as a few of the regular bird species.

A Chiffchaff regularly uses the same perch  and often gives me a quick burst of song as I climb the steps up to the Great Pond.

One chance sighting was finding a juvenile Grey Wagtail hiding in the branches close to the water but one press of the camera button and it flew away! My previous patch sighting of this species was back in 2010 so nice to see one around again, albeit briefly.
The Great and Stew Pond regulars include breeding Mallard, Canada Geese, Coot, Moorhen and Mandarin Duck plus the visiting Grey Herons. With such high water levels I haven't seen any evidence of a wader dropping in for a visit so far this year.
Mrs. Mallard taking a rest from her parenting duties.

There have been a number of male Tufted Duck and one female on the Great Pond since mid April but I haven't noticed any evidence of breeding so far this year.

Very few Odonata species logged this week include Large Red, Blue-tailed and Common Blue Damselflies. 

Large Red Damselflies in tandem.

It's a well known fact that Grey Squirrels tend to scramble around a tree to hide from possible predators on the opposite side but this individual obviously didn't know the 'watcher' was behind it!

Whilst Canada Geese are regular breeders Greylag Geese sightings are very infrequent on the patch and I recently only just got a glimpse as one flew away calling for its friends.

During my wanderings I am often aware of the movement of Deer feeding throughout the woodland and sometimes a Roe Doe will appear from behind the lush vegetation, stop and stare at the 'watcher' who copies her action until she feels confident that I'm not a threat and slowly ambles onward.
Alongside the hedgerow close to the car park is the best spot to do a bit of Rabbit watching. They rarely let me get within 20 yards before disappearing into deep cover.

Butterflies recorded included Brimstone, Speckled Wood, Ringlet, Meadow Brown and Large Skipper.
At two other sites I captured images of Marbled White and White Admiral which you can view on FABirding.    FAB.

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  1. love the watchful eyes on you - and that silly squirrel. :)

  2. Precious, everything is precious.The Roe Deer and Chiffchaff are special, thanks Frank.

  3. How fun, every one of your images. Just lovely.

  4. Our bunnies are lighter in color than than yours....I like yours better! Great photos of so many critters I am not familiar with!...:)JP

  5. what a fab spot to watch the varied wildlife.

  6. beautiful captures Frank, especially the doe.

  7. You are seeing tons of wildlife even many birds are in hiding this week.

  8. Wonderfull shots ,love much the Grey Wagtail and mallard shot, happy summer

  9. the squirrel is so cute... trying to climb up the tree. Beautiful captures

    Oh Snap - My Blog

  10. Great place to see critters Frank. Terrific shots, love the deer.

  11. I wish I could come and take a walk with you and see all your wonderful makes me happy to visit such a nature lover's blog..Michelle

  12. What a wonderful place to walk and see the wildlife.. I love the cute bunny and deer! Great shots. Have a happy week!

  13. Such a great variety of things to see! They are all wonderful photos.

  14. Hi Everyone.
    Thanks for joining me as I watched some of the wildlife on my 'patch'. Your visits and comments are much appreciated.
    Cheers ... FAB.


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