Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Successfully Fledged.

Following on from previous posts on 22nd May and 2nd June, we now have confirmation that at least four Blue Tits eventually fledged  from the nest box in our Birch tree last week and their parents have regularly been bringing them to a feeder under the patio canopy for some extra nutrition. During an interlude in my gardening activities yesterday I managed to capture a few images of their antics.

 Two of the juveniles decided to hang around constantly calling for attention.

One youngster showed off his ability for vertical wall climbing in order to attract his parent for food. (In my youth I did some rock climbing but I never managed a similar pose by hanging on by just my finger nails!)

Hopefully these juveniles will reach adulthood and I'll look forward to charting any nesting progress again next year.  FAB.


  1. Frank, it's nice to see the next generation as they begin to explore and make their tentative way into the big wide world. Lets hope they all make it?...[;o)

  2. Love the shot of the parent and young on the bricks. We have been watching the kiskadees feed their young.

  3. Wow ! Great photos of birds. Tit and her children look beautiful !

  4. So delightful Frank. I really enjoyed your photographs, especially the wall clinger... seems its ploy worked too :D)

  5. Amazing that they can hang on the bricks like that! Awesome photos!

  6. Great news and great photos Frank.

  7. Interesting to see them on the bricks. Haven't witnessed that before!

  8. …yeah! I love seeing fledglings in the garden. The parents have to work so hard to keep up with their demands!

  9. Hi Everyone.

    The garden seems slightly quieter now the youngsters are able to feed themselves!

    Many thanks for all your lovely comments.
    Cheers ... FAB.


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