Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Migrant Hawker.

Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta) is a late-summer and autumn dragonfly often seen flying at tree top level but fortunately for me today this male had dropped down lower for a rest.  
Something I hadn't realised until I checked my ID guide was that on cooler days the predominantly blue mature male colouring may change to lilac-grey similar to the immature coloration.      FAB.  


  1. Wow gorgeous Frank!! It looks like it is a big dragon and I think i've never seen it ;-)

  2. I was watching some of these yesterday strangely enough.
    Nice shots Frank.

  3. Hi Chris. Only medium size and there are a couple that are very similar.

    Hi Keith. So you were and you managed to get much closer!

  4. What a handsome boy! I kind of like the lilac-gray look, I hear it's in this year. You were so fortunate to be able to grab a few shots! I have some dragons flying at treetop level, but try as I might, I've yet to see what they are! My current visitors are Variable Darners - talk about huge!! ~karen

  5. Hi Frank... The wings never fail to amaze me ...so delicate yet so strong!!
    Nice photos!!
    I posted a Twelve Spotted Skimmer yesterday!! I had no idea what is was so googled it!! See what you guys have got me interested in!! ; }

  6. Excellent detail, well done.

    That's interesting info on the color change due to temperature Perhaps if the male looks like an immature when the weather is cold, he won't have to expend energy in challenges from other males.

  7. Great shots Frank thats a real beauty.

  8. A close encounter of the beautiful kind.
    Exquisite images Frank......

  9. Thats interesting about the colour change Frank. There are certainly a lot of Migrant Hawkers about this year.

  10. Nice capture Frank... and I've also learnt something!! thank you.

  11. Hi Frank, it's lovely to be able to visit again :)

    Lovely photos and very interesting about the colour change!

  12. Terrific captures! Those wings never cease to amaze me! So delicate and beautiful.

  13. Hi Karen. Pastel shades in nature leading the way again.

    Hi Grammie. Glad to hear we've got you dragon chasing...lol.

    Hi Harold. Thanks for the compliment. You may well be right about the colour and territorial actions.

    Hi Monty. Cheers.

    Hi Cheryl. As usual the unexpected and a bit of patience paid off.

    Hi Roy. The paler colour had me wondering until I did a little research.

    Hi Sarah. Thank you.

    Hi Tricia. Me too..just glad to oblige.

    Hi Jan. Lovely to hear from you.

    Hi Mona. Fragile wings but terrifically flexible.

  14. Super shots very sharp and defined.

  15. Excellent capture...he's beautiful! I haven't been able to get a good photo of my Fall darners yet.

  16. Hi Anthony. Cheers.

    Hi Kim. Ta very much. I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunities to get that perfect shot .. you usually do.


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