Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Waterside Wildlife.

The ladies always say 'when you're feeling jaded a little bit of retail therapy always helps'  so I waited in this morning for a parcel to arrive following an on-line purchase of a new camera rucsack yesterday. Delivery made, parcel unwrapped, gear strewn out over the floor, somehow I got everything in and a little bit more so what now? Time for a field test, so I headed off for a stroll at Riverside Country Park.
The only activity on the Wey Navigation was the usual floating Mallard.
At the head of the lake there was a lot of sounds coming from the reeds as a number of young Reed Warblers flitted around but mostly out of sight. Overhead a Chiffchaff was feeding and then along the path I was joined by a mixed flock of Long-tailed, Great and Blue Tits who quickly scampered away when a cyclist sped past me. A Common Whitethroat uttered its hoarse nasal tone from somewhere deep within the shrubbery and a Great-spotted Woodpecker called from some distance away.
A gap in the reeds produced Great Crested Grebe with youngster in tow.
It's been a long time since I've managed to get reasonably close to this species and the parent was constantly diving for fish to feed to its young charge. The lake also held Tufted Ducks, Mute Swan, Coots, Moorhen and Egyptian Geese hiding on the island plus a fly-over Black-headed Gull. I also noted a Brown Hawker, Emperor Dragonfly and some damselflies patrolling the waters edge so decided to park my behind and wait to see what turned up. 
 Red-eyed Damselflies mating. (Record shot only - poor focusing!)
 Common Blue Damselfly.
 Where there's one there is always more very close by wanting to get in on the action.  

Finally a very accommodating male Common Darter.
Even managed to capture the black and yellow legs.

Walking back via the lock a Sparrowhawk alighted briefly on the handrail before moving off behind the lock-keepers house to seek prey somewhere else. I was delighted with the new purchase (Lowepro Flipside 400 AW) and it will be further tested when I visit my parents tomorrow (probably find somewhere on the journey to stop for a stroll) and a day out on Friday when, weather permitting (the forecast is not brilliant), I will be accompanying and helping one of my readers to find some wildlife as we stroll around a few of my regular haunts. At least it will keep my mind away from the other issues.  FAB.  

For more Watery Wednesday images please click this link.


  1. Frank, these are very nice and I do hope that tomorrow will take your woes away and that you can delight in the day brought forward and make some grand captures~ best to you~

  2. great shot's. The grebe image's are the best ;)

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your walk today. I was especially taken with the Great Crested Grebe and the Red-dyed Damselfly. Such great captures. ~karen

  4. That's a nice first outing for your new rucksack Frank. I can't get on with a rucksack somehow, so I end up with all my numerous gear hanging from both shoulders! (-:

  5. Nice set of images love the Common Darter,

  6. So, you couldn't catch the Brown Hawker and Emporer Dragonfly, but you did get the Red-eyed Damselflies.

  7. Hi Frank...mallards always make me smile ..I think it is because they look like they are !! : }
    The photos of the Damseflies and
    and the Darter and so colorful.. very nice!!
    Hope your hanging in there...and have a good day !!

  8. Nice close-ups! What kind of camera do use you, and what lenses? Just curious. I think I've seen that posted somewhere, but can't remember.

  9. Thats a super new bag Frank. You cant go wrong with Lowepro.

  10. Mary. Regretfully no pics taken today but managed to catch up with a Black Tern and then it was hadge cutting for the parents.

    Dominic. Thanks, I was glad to catch the Grebe at long last.

    KaHolly. Cheers Karen.

    Jenny. I'm trying to reduce shoulder

    Picturit. Thank you for stopping by. Appreciate the visit and comments.

    Bob B. One day the other two will sit still somewhere!

    grammie g. Best nights sleep for ages plus an easy going day today.

    Mona. I've added a list of my gear in the sidebar. Canon 450D and mainly the 70-300 zoom lens.

    Roy. Why did I wait so long!

  11. Hi Frank....some beautiful images.
    I especially like the Great Crested Grebe, lovely shot.

    Enjoy your stroll with your will do you much good I am sure......

    Had a visit from a tree creeper today and managed to get a lovely shot of the juvenile.....

  12. Frank, love the blue damselfly. He's so cute as is the red dragonfly and the waterfowl are pretty cool too. I wished I lived close enough to jaunt over to some place like that but it's a 25 minute drive for me.

    There's only so much worrying a mind can do before it has to rejuvenate so go out and shoot more photos. Carol

  13. A rewarding trip Frank.
    Great shots of the dragon; they usually disappear when I try to get close. lol

  14. What a nice walk and nice lot of birds you saw! Thanks for popping over to say hi!

  15. Hi Cheryl...The forecast is not what I would hope but I'm sure we'll find something somewhere to occupy us.
    You should be proud of the TC shot as it's not an easy species to capture as I know to my cost!

  16. Hi Carol. The location does require a drive of 20-30 minutes but it's worth the effort. I'll do my best tomorrow.

    Hi Keith. Cheers but I thought you had plenty of patience.

  17. Hi Kathie. Thanks for the your visit. Much appreciated.

  18. Frank, I'm sure it helps to have the work - the photos, the subjects to focus on besides the blazing that must be going on in your head and your heart right now. I'm so sorry you are having to go through all this with your brother.

  19. Aw, come on! The first shot was supposed to be of the new rucsack. :-) These are really great shots. Pretty wonderful actually.

  20. Awesome shots, Love the Grebe and the last shot is wonderful.

  21. That Common Darter is very handsome - such nice colors - he lights up well! Like your grebes too!

  22. Great photos -especially like the red darter..but where's a shot of the bag? I have a bag that I bought specifically for birding, and I love it -pockets for everything!But must admit, I kind of have a thing for purses, pouches and special bags!

  23. Hi Robin. Anything that takes my mind away from the other issue is good at the moment.

    Hi 2sweetnsaxy. Ok, point taken..I'll see what I can do for the next Thanks for visiting..much appreciated.

    Hi Eileen. Thanks very much.

    Hi Shelley. Cheers. It was good to finally capture something different on the water.

    Hi Susan. I fully understand, there is someone else living here who also has lots of bags! May post a shot of the bag soon..just for you.

  24. AN excellent shot of that damselfly. These are all so detailed and just superb.

  25. Poetic Shutterbug. Thank you Joanne.


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