Sunday, 15 August 2010

Keeled Skimmer.

Keeled Skimmer (Orthetrum coerulescens) captured during recent visits to Thursley Common where this species prefers the boggy acidic conditions.

Typical pose when resting... wings held forward and eyes everywhere.   FAB.


  1. Nice images Frank.. I love dragonflies..with their beautiful colors. :)


  2. Hi Frank...I really like the last photo...he kind of looks like some sort of Darth Vader grandson is 9 he would know more about that then I!!
    I do not know how your ever find one setting still long enough to get a your set a long time??? ; }

  3. Cheers Angad. They are a little easier than chasing birds in the foliage!

    Hi grammie g. Even I remember Darth Vader!! Patience my dear; sometimes the subject is just waiting but more often I just stand, watch and wait.

  4. Those are fabulous. Outstanidng and a treat for the eyes.

  5. Hi Frank, I love the close up and personal shots of the skimmer.
    Sometimes the objects they pose on are just as interesting as them.

  6. Hi Lisa. Thank you...the eyes have it!

    Hi Cheryl. This individual was fairly cooperative for once and kept returning to a similar spot so made my time that much more relaxing.

  7. Great fine Frank,lovely Images.John.


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