Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A Special Place.

Firstly I'd like to apologize for not checking in with all my regular readers and other visitors recently but other chores (a failed Immersion Heater over the weekend leaving us without any hot water) plus continuing to cope with family issues has meant that my reading list has expanded beyond all proportion but rest assured I will get around to everyone before too much longer. 
Today Anita and I were honored to have a tour of a very special private garden deep in the heart of the Kent countryside. Cheryl works WITH nature; habitat and protection for all manner of birds, insects and mammals (but don't mention the Rabbits!) and the mix of cultivated and endemic wild flowers is a joy to behold and has given me lots of inspiration for my own small patch. With the 'grandchildren' permanently enjoying their special places; Frogs monitored our progress around the pond while one of the many late summer blooms sang out from the borders. Cheryl took us on a a very relaxing but detailed tour explaining her deep love for the heavenly space she has created. If you get a moment or two I recommend popping over to her blog 'Take time to smell the flowers'.  
Even her resident Blue Tits made a personal appearance and were totally unfazed by our near presence while Swallows chatted to one another as they chased around overhead.
After leaving Cheryl we drove around the countryside and stopped overlooking the Stour Valley where a Little Egret made a brief appearance and a Kestrel passed by overhead. After a roadside snack and before we made our journey homeward I took a short stroll through the wheat fields and into the dapled shade of a tiny wood hunting for any wayside flutters but no takers today.

A very enjoyable and relaxing day... thank you for your generous hospitality Cheryl.    FAB.


  1. I can see by reading your blog that you and Cheryl would get along well. You have some wonderful photos.

  2. Oh my goodness, Frank, snap!!! Our immersion heater failed over the weekend too! Why do these things always happen at such awkward times? Boiling kettles all the time is no fun :(

    That aside I thought I had come to the wrong site at first when I saw Cheryl's delightful and much coveted (by me) garden bronzes :) How lovely that you were able to visit, I have admired her garden since before I started my own blog, she is a lovely person and dedicated to her wildlife garden.

    Lovely photos and all in all a very nice day out!

  3. Looks like a great place you visited Frank. Oh my, those nice clean bird feeders put mine to shame. I must take them down and clean them up soon!!! (-: I'll pop over to Cheryls blog in a mo....

  4. Hi Frank, it was a pleasure to show you the garden. Tku for sharing your experiences and knowledge. I learnt a lot......

    Glad you enjoyed your drive through the Kent countryside.

  5. Hi Lisa. Thanks for your visit. It was a delight to meet and chat with Cheryl.

    Hi Jan. Fortunately we didn't have to wait too long for a helpful repair apart from the 2 hour delay in clearing air out of the system!
    Yes, we had a great time seeking out all the wonders in her lovely garden.

    Hi Jenny. I am sure you will enjoy dipping into Cheryl's blog.

  6. Hi Cheryl. Thanks again for the wonderful time we spent with you and for the pressies now waiting patiently for their new home. FAB.

  7. Cheryl's garden looks beautiful...I'll take a peek at her blog...the frogs are so cute!!

  8. Hi Frank...just read Cheryl's
    blog! What great fun that you all could get together!!
    From following her blog and seeing her gardens in photos how wonderful it must have been to be there in person!
    Looks like you folks had a wonderful day and I guess you deserved it with all thats going on!!
    Right now hot water has no appeal to me ....5:30pm...88degress!! : }

  9. Frank, we don't have Blue Tits here! They are so lucky thing. What are you feeding them? Sorry about your heater. We are having a 104 degree heat index today but I still like hot water when needed :-)

  10. Sharing the day with like minded fellow bloggers is something really special Frank. Moments to treasure.

  11. Hi Eve. I'm delighted to have instigated an introduction.

    Hi Grammie. Yes, she is a natural gardener and it was a pleasure to meet her. Sorry I can't do anything about the temperature apart from offer a cold

    Hi Cindy. Whow that's hot..I'm glad to be here in a cooler climate. The Blue Tits were being fed peanuts but from a special feeder so they can't take large pieces and choke themselves.

    Hi Keith. Absolutely. We must do the same again before too much longer.

  12. I love those figurines - they look so natural.

  13. Yes John, they could easily be mistaken for the real thing.

  14. So glad you had an enjoyable day, and saw many sights to photograph.

  15. No need to apologize, life gets busy. Hopefully things can get better for you soon. In the meantime, it looks like you and Anita had a good outing. Those bird feeders in the one photo are really amazing, I wish we could get some like those here. Mary

  16. Hi Mona. It was an excellent way to spend the day.

    Hi Mary. We enjoyed ourselves immensely thanks to Cheryl's hospitality. I'm sure you'll find a similar feeder somewhere over there.

  17. I would love to visit this enchanting garden too!!!
    How lovely this little quick peak of it!!

    ciao ciao Frank and a beautiful weekend!!

  18. Hi Elvira. I was honoured to be able to take a stroll around her beautiful garden. Unfortunately you'll have to make do with a peek at her blog.
    Wishing you a great weekend to.
    ciao ciao FAB.


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