Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More Local Wildlife.

A few images from another of my recent regular strolls around Bookham Common.
A very tatty Silver-washed Fritillary.
Ruddy Darter.
Oak Galls.
Speckled Wood.

While treading quietly through the woods I caught a glimpse of a Doe as she darted across a side track and shortly after I heard a repeated barking call from my left and then a Roe buck erupted from the undergrowth,  stopped briefly looking the other way, then turned and swiftly continued chasing after his female.  
I was so surprised by the speed of the action unfolding that I just pointed and fired off a few shots and only realised afterwards that the camera was on the wrong settings!
Lots of Small Coppers around at the moment and a fly gets in on the act!
I also spent some time trying to locate a young Common Buzzard that was constantly 'mewing' from its perch deep in a wooded area but there was too much foliage in the way for a decent shot so I had to make do with an overhead view when it decided to fly away! 
Finally another slightly less tatty Silver-washed Fritillary......FAB.


  1. Wow Frank...the sound of those deer darting through the woods would have made me turn and run not knowing what was you at least got pictures even though it was the wrong setting...the only setting my camera would have been on the ground where I dropped it and ran!! Ha-Ha : }

  2. Nature is wonderful : )
    Lovely photos!

  3. Hi grammie g.
    Well the heartbeat did increase a little and them auto mode kicked

    Hi Sarah.
    Sure is and plenty to keep us occupied. Cheers.

  4. Some nice shots here. We've had above average butterfly numbers this year, so now I'm seeing a lot with tattered wings. The deer shots may not have been made with the settings you would have chosen, but I think the shots you got do a wonderful job of displaying the action and drama of the moment.

  5. Nice captures, the almost silhouette shot of the Buzzard is beautiful...Thomas

  6. Great shots of the butterflies, dragonfly, buzzard and the deer! Fortunately you weren't standing in the buck's way!

  7. Nice photos as always, but I really like the series of the buck.

  8. Tatty or not, SWF is a great species to find Frank.

  9. Frank, beautiful captures of the Roe deer. Aren't they wonderful?
    So exciting.....

    The butterflies are looking tatty and torn....lucky escapees......

    It always amazes me just how much wildlife you see. I never tire of watching and taking photographs. Do you?

  10. A fruitful stroll and a nice mix of sightings.

  11. Hello Frank,some wonderful photos in all your recent posts. The butterflies are brilliant. Been trying to photograph some myself but they just seem to fly off too quick.
    The deer & horse photos are also very special. Enjoyed them all though. Take care.

  12. Kerri. Thank you.

    Steve W. Not sure about our overall flutter no's but I'm certainly seeing plenty to keep me occupied.

    Thomas. Another one of those lucky shots!

    Hilke. I don't think he was in the mood to go round

    Mona. Couldn't leave it out, now could I!

    Warren. Plenty of SWF's around here. Be good to find something different sometime.

  13. Cheryl. Always fun to see who sees who first..the watched or the watcher! Lucky escapees or just I never thought that taking pics would become so addictive..just like blogging.

    Linda. Something always seems to turn up if I look hard enough.

    Shirleyanne. Don't despair, I hate to think how many times I get set up and the subject moves. Patience is a virtue, so they say.

  14. Frank love the deer images. I don't know where I've been looking lately but I've not seen a lot of deer photos. Thanks much! Carol

  15. Thanks Carol. If I see any more I'll try to get some proper snaps for you.

  16. Wow, is the rut on already? We usually do not see this kind of activity until fall.

  17. Hi Steve. Just a couple of youngsters getting frisky!!


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