Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Still Pondering.

The spider spun a silver web

Above the ground last night
It was round with little spokes
And such a pretty sight
This morning there were drops of dew
Hung on it, one by one;
They changed to diamonds, rubies red.
Then they were lit with sun.
A spiders nice to have around
To weave a web so fine
On which to string the drops of dew
That catch the bright sunshine.
(Anon and slightly amended)

PJB Update: A scan earlier this week apparently didn't reveal anything new to report. Eyes open and some minor physical movement but not responding at all so being referred to the Neurology Team. Doctors say 'be prepared for the worse scenario' the wait goes on.   FAB.  


  1. Beautiful words with outstanding photos to go with them.
    Wonderful Blog .

  2. Love this type of wet spider shot a nice one ;)

  3. That first "web" photo is fabulous. Just a terrific shot. I feel bad about your brother---hope you can hang in there.

  4. Hi Frank, spider webs are beautiful, and one of my favourite works of art. The poetry sums it up well.

    I expect you feel like you are caught in a web at this time.....your emotions pulling this way and that.
    I do hope that your brother finds peace, and that your parents can cope with whatever is ahead.
    Thinking of you all.......

  5. Sorry to hear things are not improving Frank. It must be a very stressful time for you and your family.
    I do hope you get some better news soon.

  6. Pictures are very beautiful & interesting, congratulations!

  7. Nice prose and great photographs Frank.

  8. wow very cool shots Frank! I love the four together, that's very nice!

  9. I love the webs, it is beautiful.

  10. Hi Frank...amazing creature the spider...I'm not really fond of them but they do weave quite a beautiful webb and your captured it very well!!
    Its a shame that the news is not better for your brother...and no clearity for you and your family!!

  11. I'm sorry about PJB even tho I don't know who that is...and even tho I like spiders the least of all critters those web photos are that your poem? It's excellent!

  12. The spider webs were beautiful, Frank, and the poem was a fitting accompiment. Sorry to hear that things are not much improved with PJB and we will continue to keep him and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Hope there's a turn for the better this week.

  13. A lovely poem and web photos Frank. You are still in my thoughts as you go through this difficult period!

  14. Lovely Frank,poem and images go hand in hand.

  15. Hi Everyone. Once again I am greatly humbled and thankful for all your comments and kind words of support.

    The prose was written by a child and slightly amended by me so I can't take the credit but the words certainly sum up this wonder of nature beautifully.

    Regretfully no change on the PJB front, just a matter of waiting but the thought of so many friends out there keeping a watchful eye on me is helping me to deal with these tough times....FAB.

  16. Thinking of you!! Loving the spiderweb images. ~karen

  17. KaHolly. Hi Karen, thank you for your kind thoughts.

  18. Early Birder, I, too, did not know who PJB was or what you were talking about but from the comments I have gathered that this is your brother. Did you do a post about what is wrong? I looked for a link but could not find one. Still, my heart goes out to you. If a neurologist is involved I know it is serious. I pray for the best for you and your family. Hugs from Arizona! I am so sorry.

  19. Hi Kathie. I didn't do a specific post on PJB (Brother No.2)
    His problems started a long time ago (drink related) and now he is unfortunately paying the price following a severe heart seizure.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts especially as you are having to deal with a major change of lifestyle. Bless you. FAB.

  20. Ooooooooo! Love the webs. Just my kind of thing! HOpe all's well with your brother.

  21. Robin. I agree... webs are wonderful. I'll post an update on PJB when I have any new info.

  22. I've been away traveling but had a chance at a computer today. Love the spider webs especially the first shot. Sending prayers for you and your family.

  23. I love these Frank. The first one is fab!

  24. Hi Cindy. Sorry for the delay in respnding to your kind thoughts.

    Hi Angie. Ta very much.


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