Friday, 6 August 2010

Garden Patch Today.

After a late night yesterday (evening racing followed by a 'West Life' concert at Sandown Park) I decide to take it easy today. While potting up some seedlings mid morning, just as the darker clouds rolled over and the breeze picked up, there was a sudden increase in avian activity with various species flying in and out of the hawthorn. Luckily the camera was close to hand but with so much foliage it was difficult to locate the owners of all the little noises.
A delightful surprise were a number of juvenile Long-tailed Tits all clicking chatteringly to one another.
Blue Tits and House Sparrows were also captured on the feeders with additional visits from Great Tit, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Blackbird, Robin and the greedy Woodpigeons plus over flying Black-headed Gulls.
The next charmer was a Coal Tit who waited patiently before dropping down for a quick snack.
When the avian activity died down I could still watch the bees collecting pollen.....
or just look at the flowers.....
and check that the (static) Kingfisher was still in residence.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing have a great weekend......FAB.


  1. Lovely and so much more. Beautiful mosaic and gorgeous lilies.

  2. Brillaint photography. Amazing view. Loved them all.

  3. Great shots Frank, but the Kingfisher is something that I don't quite understand.

  4. Great to see the young LTTs. Haven't seen any round here for several months.

  5. Joanne. Thanks, I wouldn't be without fragrant lilies somewhere in the garden

    Lisa. Thanks very much.

    Bob B. The 'KF' is just a coloured copper garden ornament...hanging out over the water feature!!

    John. The LT's are very infrequent visitors here so always a delight to watch and to get a few shots was a bonus.

  6. Hi Frank, ah, long tailed tits....they are just so pretty. I really love to see them. I am surprised they survived the long cold winter, but they appear to have coped.

    The coal tit is wonderful, great set of images. I have never seen one in my garden......perhaps one day!

    Glad your bees are doing well.I have read on many UK gardening blogs that bees have been looking unwell. I am keeping an eye on mine, they appear to be ok at this time.....

    Glad you enjoyed the racing and concert.......

  7. Lovely series of photos. You have seen such a nice variety!

  8. I adore Long Tailed Tits - they're such noisy little hooligans when they turn up in my garden, jumping on everything! :D. I wish they were the size of Barn Owls, though :).

  9. So it was you making all that noise at Sandown and keeping me awake then Frank!!

    Lovely to have the LTTs back - had some in my garden again today after a lengthy absence.

    And.... I've got the very same static Kingfisher in my garden down by the water feature ;) small world!!

  10. Hi Cheryl.
    I've seen reasonable no's of LTT's this year so maybe they found a cosy location to brave out the cold winter. Coal Tit often heard here but sightings are usually very brief...this one stopped long enough for the lens this time though. Seen one or two less active bees, but most seem ok.

  11. Mona. The usual regulars but the Long-tailed Tits were a special surprise.

    Gaina. Now a Barn Owl in the garden would create a massive 'twitch'!

  12. Hi Tricia.
    Sory I was just lying on the grass soaking up the atmosphere but we did think of you for a moment or two!
    LTT's obviously roving around at the moment looking for additional food.
    Two clones in such

  13. I was ready to say...that is the most unusual Kingfisher that I have ever seen...and then I read the comment you posted...The post has some delightful images Frank and glad to know the KF is not so unusual, just unreal~

  14. Hi Mary. You say the KF is unreal..just wait until you see the 'resident' garden

  15. The last image is my favorite. Carol

  16. Carol. Well at least this one sits still all the

  17. Your photos are really awesome! The views are great and so lively. I hope that I can get some photos as beautiful as that. I love the long tailed tits the most!

  18. Rose white. Thanks for your visit and kind comments. Yes, the LTT's are a bit special.


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