Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Riverside Colours

We had a very lazy weekend so here are a few images from our walk alongside the Wey Navigation last Friday. Leaving the car at Ripley Green we headed across the meadow to Walsham Lock.
A little activity at the lock as a barge maneuvered its way upstream.
'Colour co-ordinated' checks out the water. 
Colourful barges moored up.
Watery reflections..I hope it's the right way up!
At least the riverside foliage provided some much needed shade from the midday sun.
A Large Red Damselfly.
Not quite the shot I wanted but this pair of Banded Demoiselles just wouldn't sit still!!
Our circular route took us past Ockham Mill where we took a brief rest eyeing up the very expensive waterside properties and .....
....the local 'postie' delivering the mail on his trusty steed!
Any guesses as to the predominant colour throughout this post...certainly not planned.   FAB.


  1. A lovely "red post." I love the barges. Over here in the colonies we call those canal boats. ;)

  2. What a delightful stroll! Certainly different than anything in these parts!! ~karen

  3. I love experiencing your countryside! Liked the colors of those barges!

  4. What a fun post. I'm digging the bugs and the boats.

  5. Absolutely...colorful post!!!
    The photo of reflection is a little tricky indeed : } I also like the reflection of the barge too... it is almost perfect!! Enjoyed your photos!!!

  6. Frank, I love the colour theme......even if it was not planned.

    'Colour co-ordinated' made me laugh. That is just so very man.....

    Banded damoiselles are so beautiful. They pass through my garden but never stay.......I would love to be able to get a photograph of them.

    The image of reflections in the water is just so pretty......almost like a painting.

    Tku for your tips on photography, whilst I would never put myself in your league, my images are improving, so tku so much for that.......

  7. Great blog Frank, the dragonflies are extraordinary. And the rest of them, leaving us with postage red, I just love the colour.

  8. Lois. Working barges or canal boats..all the same I think.

    Karen. I'm landlocked so no sea views without a long drive!

    Shelley. Just as interesting as your lakes and your delightful companion.

    Steve B. I still have some other boats up my sleeve from our holiday!

    grammie g. Just as well I didn't cross the bridge upside down..lol.

    Cheryl. I'll probably get some flack for posting 'you know who' but of course I love her to bits.

    Bob B. Cheers, hoping to find a few more dragons today but the weather is much cooler!

  9. Wonderful travels..I like the thursday tours below too...
    great birds..I always love seeing your little Robin.

  10. Lovely walk by the water Frank.
    Warm red is appropriate for the recent weather ;)

  11. You did end up with a red theme over the weekend, looks like an enjoyable time. Interesting to see those colorful barges.

  12. What a fun "red" post! Always enjoy your walks.

  13. I just loved this post because it gives a look into your life! I can't believe that mail is delivered on a bicycle and I love the red mailbox!
    The little boats are very cool, I'd love to take one across the river :-)

  14. We all know you made Anita dress to match the boats and the postbox :)

    Lovely photos again, Frank and a very nice way to spend a hot Summer's day.

  15. Now you could have connected this post with a meme called Ruby Tuesday! It would be perfect for that! They feature posts with red and it is posted on Tuesdays! Love the red bike. It is amusing to me that your postmen deliver the mail in this way!

  16. dAwN. Thanks, the Robin always makes me smile.

    Keith. 'Red sky in the morning..shepherds warning'..looks like we now have to pay the price with some inclement weather.

    Jann. Cheers, but totally unplanned.

    Mona. Thank you.

    Bad Girl. 'Postie' on a bike..some traditions will never die, hopefully.

    ShySongbird. Now Jan, I can assure you I have no influence over A's dress code! It was fun and just glad we could find some shade.

    Kathie. Thanks for the meme suggestion, I'll try to remember next time. Cycling keeps the 'Postie' fit..lol.

  17. Simply red! Lovely colour co-ordinated post Frank. Those Dragons and Damsels can be soooo frustrating can't they! Sometimes they cooperate though.


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