Friday, 16 July 2010

Gate To Somewhere.

Visiting one of my brothers in hospital tomorrow...who know what his future is...can only hope that for once in his life he will heed and follow the advice he has often been given!


  1. Many good wishes and a speedy recovery for your brother

  2. My thoughts are with your brother and his health concerns. Love this picture - somehow it seems like the perfect capture for this post. ~karen

  3. Hi Frank, I hope the visit to your brother went well and that he does indeed follow the advice which will benefit him.

    I very much enjoyed the garden tour and thank you so much for the mention and link :) It looks a very pleasant place to sit and relax, I can picture you and Anita drinking your morning coffee at the table surrounded by the beautiful scents and sights.

    I have not heard of the rose Compassion (what a lovely name) but it looks a real beauty! Clematis Cezanne looks lovely too and one would fit very well in a trough in a similar spot to yours in my garden!

    How sad that one of the Blue Tits didn't make it but I'm sure it is a pleasure to see the successful ones come back home for their meals :)

  4. Wonder how many have entered that gate, who built it, how old it it. I shall hope that your brother does whatever it takes to improve his life and quality of same. Some people are so hard headed and it is to their detriment. Once they realize it, often times, it is too late. Hope not so in this case~

  5. Very artistic shot Frank.

  6. I will keep your brother in my thoughts. This gate to somewhere tells so many stories and has lived a lifetime.

  7. Hi everyone.
    I regret that the prognosis for my brothers illness is not very good but I thank you all for your kind thoughts. FAB.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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