Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Along the River Bank.

Todays exercise saw me strolling alongside the River Mole on the outskirts of Leatherhead. Many of the wild flowers are suffering with the drought and some are already going to seed but still plenty of blooms around for the flutters and insects to feed on. I have been seeing Brown Hawkers nearly everywhere recently but they never seem to stop flying. Today was no different except one female was caught ovipositing while perched on a log on the river way, way below my feet.
Underwing of a Common Blue seeking nectar for lunch.
Once you've posted one Brimstone more seem to stop by for a photocall!
Still plenty of Specked Wood around.
While capturing this Common Darter a Kingfisher called and darted past me (one of several brief sightings).
Banded Demoiselle.
I spent quite a while just sitting, my legs dangling over the river bank, watching these delightful creatures resting on the leaves just above the water while trying to imagine it was less humid than it really was! Mulling over a few things, as you do in these situations, I remembered a suggestion from Monty about using an extender with the 70-300 lens for close ups....so I then whiled away another half an hour or so testing out this set up and I'll share the results very soon.  FAB.


  1. ...beautiful little creatures! I really liked this sentence, "I spent quite a while just sitting, my legs dangling over the river bank," ...sounded great. Then I laughed when I got to the part about imaging it was less humid that it really felt! Looking forward to the zoomed images.

  2. That brimstone was interesting to see - his wings look like green leaves. Very nice photo selections.

  3. Lovely set of photos. I too, look forward to the zoomed images.

  4. Great pictures Frank, I can't wait to see the results, extender I mean.

  5. Such beauties, so different from our own and yet close similarities as well. Your Speckled Wood looks close to the Large Common Wood Nymph Butterfly I posted a few days ago. Your lovely Banded Demoiselle, so similar to our Damselflies. Such fun seeing these new ones from across the pond~

  6. Kelly. If the water had been closer I think I would have dipped my toes..anything to feel cooler!

    Shelley. Females much paler than males and can be mistaken for hanging leaves.

    Mona & Bob B. Cheers. The close up won't be too long coming.

    Kerri. Thanks.

    Mary. I guess we have many similar species.

  7. A great way to spend some time Frank.
    Love the Speckled Wood. Haven't seen many round here this year. :(

  8. I have encountered 23 species of Butterfly on my patch Frank, I have photo's of them all - exept the Brimstone!!!

    I'll be interested in the results of the extender, may invest in one myself :-)

  9. Super shots Frank,you seem to have a great variety of butterflies up there, I am struggling to find them this year. Maybe not in the right place at the right time.

  10. Hi Frank....sounds very peaceful....and thought provoking.

    I have never seen a brimstone butterfly in my garden, and I would dearly love to. They are so pretty, I love the soft colour.

    My teasels are in bloom and attracting many bees and butterflies. We had heavy showers today, and I was delighted. I worked in the rain, such fun........

  11. Fantastic shot and what beautiful damselfies.

  12. Keith. They must have all drifted south, there are plenty around here.

    Warren. That's an excellent count. Sorry they flutter too quickly for me to catch one for you!

    Monty. I'm struggling to find anything new but still plenty of the regulars around.

    Poetic Shutterbug. Thanks Joanna.

  13. Hi Cheryl. There were other people around but no interuptions to my day-dreaming!
    Can you blow some rain this way please..the garden is gasping and I need a good damping down as well...lol.


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