Sunday, 18 July 2010

Prancing Around.

While I was taking a brief rest during a walk recently a pair of young Moorhens put on a display of prancing and balancing for me.
Whatever the weather and wherever you are have a good wildlife watching week......FAB.


  1. Great close ups Frank.

  2. Frank is a mating ritual or something or just the usual horsing around. Great photos. Carol

  3. The third and the fourth of the lot are the best. A pre-mating ritual?

  4. Its a very interesting serie, i had never seen a moohern out of the water!

  5. Great shots! Looks they're doing a ballet dance. Nice work.

  6. Smart photos, Frank. I can`t seem to get anywhere near the Moorhens on my patch. If only they were as approachable as the Coots.

  7. Great set of omages Frank, my wife says I still dance like that.

  8. Love these shots Frank,looks like they are ready to leave home.
    Maybe do a runner.

  9. Auditioning for the Corps de Ballet no doubt;)Nice one Frank.

  10. Fascinating little show they put on for your opportunity to see!!! Maybe there runnimg through there moves for talent night!! : }

  11. Cracking shots Frank. Great impromptu moment.

  12. So comical :) I love those big feet!

  13. Definitely one of those "time stands still" moments. How lucky that you were in the right place at the right time. When I think of all the simple pleasures nature has to offer, I get gushy! One little happening this morning made my whole day....a parent Yellow Warbler was feeding a baby in my stand of willows. That's all. As simple as that. As simple as watching two dancing moorhens. ~karen

  14. Great series, Frank. Love the photos. What big legs!

  15. I have never seen a moorhen before, Frank. It seems they can be quite the dancers and quite entertaining too.

  16. Roy. Many thanks.

    Carol. Mating ritual..ha ha. No just testing that everything works!

    Amila. Just having fun.

    Dominic. Well you have now!

    Mona. Cheers.

    Dean. I think these inhabitants are fairly used to humans OR just don't know any better.

    Monty. Well done..all on one leg!

    JRandSue. Yeah..not long John.

    Tricia. You could be right.

    grammie g. Rehearsing for a quick get away more likely.

    Keith. Sometimes we are in the right place at the right time.

    ShySongbird. Me too Jan.

    Karen. You are so right, the simple things are the best.

    Hilke. Long legs and big feet!

    Beatrice. Moorhens usually turn away immediately so this was fun to capture.


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