Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lazy Summer Weekend.

We spent a very lazy weekend, much of the time just chilling out in the garden. 
While I watered and encouraged the Tomatoes to grow and ripen....
... and checked out the colours ...
(clockwise from top left - Hibiscus [seedling of H. Red Heart], Clematis 'Polish Spirit', Heleniums and Verbena bonariensis). 
 ... one of the many Bees was collecting pollen ...
Anita was producing some more of her 'one off' cards for friends forthcoming birthdays....
while enjoying the subtle fragrance from one of her favorite Roses (R. Compassion) under the watchful eye of the only permanent 'flutter' in the garden. We did have very brief visits by a Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, Comma and several Whites.
During one of our many rest periods we enjoyed visits from a very young Long-tailed Tit (on the peanut feeder), a juvenile Blue Tit and several Greenfinches eating all the sunflower seeds!
Of course we can always make time for a refreshing cuppa.   FAB. 


  1. Nice relaxing post Frank....always need a little time to putta around the yard and enjoy things that make us happy!!! : }

  2. Hi Frank....sounds like the perfect weekend.

    Anita's cards are very pretty....homemade cards are always better, so much more personal.

    Your garden blooms are pretty.....I see you have one of my favourite, verbena bonariensis......

    Hope your week goes well....

  3. That is some nice looking Tommies Frank.

  4. Looks like a wonderful weekend : )

  5. No better way to spend a hot summer weekend - I sometimes refer to those times as "research."

  6. Nice post, Frank. Always like hearing what you're doing, and seeing the results thereof...(Nice photos)

  7. Perfect way to spend a summers day Frank.

  8. Frank, such fun getting to view your garden and those toms look so good. I would have a hard time not plucking them for gently fried green toms with a light buttermilk dipping sauce, oh yum... but then to wait and have red toms, I cannot think of anything more wonderful in the summertime... Nice creative cards your wife makes too~

  9. Frank, we have an overabundance of tomatoes in our garden thas past couple of weeks despite hot temps and little rain. They are delicious with mayo and freshly sliced cukes in a summer sandwich.

    The flowers and birds look lovely and as Cheryl previously posted, homemade projects are always the best and most appreciated.

  10. Hi Everyone. Thanks for all your visits and comments. I'm having a busy few days so please excuse me for not responding to each one.

    Cheryl, Mary & Beatrice. Anita enjoys making cards for anyone and I'll pass on all your kind comments.

    Mary & Beatrice. Thanks for the gourmet tips!

  11. Frank, enjoyed your relaxing weekend reflections! That is some 'flutter' in the picture with the roses. Tell me it's not real! Anita is a smart cookie to be creating her cards out of doors! They are just beautiful. Takes a special talent. Enjoy! We saw several whimbrels today.....they are on the move! Tells me summer days are numbered. ~karen

  12. Hi Karen. Cheers...I have replied direct. FAB.

  13. Lovely images and projects! The image of the hibiscus is fun for me because it is the same as the hearty hibiscus that grows almost out of control in my garden. Of course, I have harnessed the power of the hibiscus and moved some to choice spots.

  14. Lois. It certainly enjoys the late summer sunshine. Red Heart has just opened so will have to post a pic just for you soon.


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