Friday, 9 July 2010

Thursday pm.

Continuation from Thursday am. Yesterday afternoon I headed to Riverside Country Park on the outskirts of Guildford.
The vegetation on either side of the Wey Navigation has grown so high I nearly needed stilts to get a clear view along the water and across the water meadows. There were a few gaps that enabled me to see what was going on on the other side.....
A horsey huddle.
Young foal keeps close to mum for protection.
I followed the path out to the main lake listening to the chattering of Reed and Sedge Warblers calling from deep within the lush marginal vegetation. A young Great Crested Grebe continually called to its parent as they drifted the other side of the reeds and always out of sight of the lens. I then sat for a while watching a male Black-tailed Skimmer (blue with yellow spots) patrolling and defending its territory while a female (yellow with black abdominal bands) oviposited nearby. Then a scurry of activity as two individuals fought
frantically in the air and flew away in tandem. When they eventually came to ground I managed a single shot before they moved off again but was totally surprised to see what appeared to be two males locked together in the courtship wheel! How unusual is that?
Resting on the muddy margin was a Holly Blue (Celastrina argiolus) and I found it very difficult to get a really clear detailed shot of its pale blue, black spotted underwing so this will have to do for now.
A Damsel finds a small island to rest within the vast ocean! 
A flotilla of Egyptian Geese (15 in total) headed across the pond towards the watcher.
Presumably looking for a free handout!
Mute Swan silently drifted over and gave the watcher 'the eye'.
A Robin called to me as I walked back through the small area of woodland.
Walking back to the car along the towpath I spotted a few Beautiful Demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo)  and eventually got a shot of this male, distinguished from the Banded Demoiselle by its broader wings but the iridescent dark brown-black pigment covers the whole wing although sometimes paler towards the tip and the base. The very striking metallic blue-green body is similar in both species.
Finally a 'summer' view of the iron bridge that I have posted throughout the different seasons. 

Wherever you are ...have a great wildlife watching weekend....FAB.


  1. Must be something about Holly Blues Frank. I'm never satisfied with the final photo of them.

  2. An excellent end to a great day Frank.
    Certainly unusual to see the two male dragons like that!
    Love those Egyptian Geese swimming toward you lol

  3. Wow, more beautiful pictures. The horses and Egyptian geese are especially wonderful.

  4. You really did a nice tour!! Well done on the holly blue and robin!! They are beautiful shots! Have a nice week end!!

  5. That is a gigantic blog, Frank. There is a number to talk about, but what? They are all truly good.

  6. Love your flotilla of Egyptian geese Frank! Arn't Demoiselles gorgeous! Love 'em. You had a great day!

  7. Warren. Perfectionist to the end!!

    Keith. Thanks mate. It was like 'Charge of the Light Brigade' but on water..Lol.

    Lois. Thanks, the EG's are a little

    Chris. Cheers my friend. Hope you get some much needed sunshine.

    Bob B. Sorry, couldn't choose so posted everything.

    Jenny. Yes, spent a little more time on a walk with Anita today watching more Demoiselles.

  8. Wonderful photos and post! I love the horses and the birds. Are the Egyptian Geese common? They are cool looking!

  9. Eileen. Originally an introduced species but now there are healthy feral populations in East Anglia and south-east UK.

  10. The horses and Egyptian Geese are delightful and the Dragons, hmmm what is up with that indeed, for they both certainly look the male part... Have a glorious and productive weekend~

  11. Yes Mary, certainly unexpected behaviour. Temperatures and humidity are rising so may be lazing around trying to stay cool!

  12. What Keith said. He always beats me to the draw!


  13. I love the horsey huddle and getting to see your photos of the Egyptian geese, not something I've ever seen (the geese that is; I've seen many horsey huddles) ;o) Looks like a very nice walk with that I'm home from a vacation I'm looking forward to getting back out w/ the camera here at home. Your post certainly inspires me all the more.

  14. Another wonderful walk Frank, loved all the photos but especially like the horses. The Damioselle are true beauties. Saw one in the garden the other day much to my surprise, but not quick enough with the camera.

  15. The Early Birder on stilts! Now that would be worth seeing :)

    Lots of goodies again, Frank and also on the earlier posts which I have been browsing. So many lovely damsels, dragons and flutters. What a great time of year it is!

    I saw and photographed an Egyptian Goose at Draycote a few weeks ago, they are not generally seen anywhere near here. Great 'flotilla' photo :)

    Lovely Red Admiral on the previous post, I haven't seen one at all so far this year.

  16. Nice Post Frank

    Beautiful colours on the Demoiselle

  17. The way to find a good blog is to check the comments - If Holdingmoments has been there it must be a GREAT blog :) Enjoyed the images, thanks.

  18. Wilma. One day I'm sure you'll beat him to the mark!

    Jann. I'd love to know what the horses were chatting
    Your vacation posts were FAB and I'll be looking out for your next local trip seeking out the flora and fauna around home.

    Shirleyanne. A Demoiselle in the garden, now that is special.

    Jan. FAB on stilts..not likely..have a job standing up on roller Definitely a great time of year providing you can stand the heat and humidity.

    TonyC. You're right, the Demoiselles are something special.

  19. It's Time to Live. Thanks for your visit and the appreciative comments.

  20. It all looks so beautiful and romatic to me, as if it were a world in a dream. Love the horses, the bridge, the robin and the Holly Blue butterfly. Whoever names butterflies should get a poetry award!

  21. Kathie. I'm often in my own little world when I'm out wandering around!


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