Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Riverside Stroll.

A few images from my stroll on Tuesday alongside the River Mole.
Banded Demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens)- male.
Banded Demoiselle - female
A Common Buzzard has a minor tiff with a Sparrowhawk way up above.
Comma (Polygonia c-album)
Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta)
Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae)
A few of the wild flowes around a field close to the river......FAB.


  1. superb blog; nice photo; congratulation

  2. An enjoyable stroll by the river Frank.

  3. Beautiful images Frank... Something we do not see over here altough we have more and more insects ;-)

  4. superb photo's today Frank. Are you sure that was a sparrowhwak with the buzzard, it looks very pointy winged, also it looks like it has jesses hanging from its legs ???

  5. Lovely images Frank; Banded Demoiselles are my favourite damsels.

  6. You had a lovely peaceful stroll Frank.....well, except for the raptor tiff! (-: I've asked your help on my last blog post about an Allium! Hope you can help. (-:

  7. Lois. Thanks.

    sebi_2569. Thanks for dropping by. Appreciate your visit and comments.

    Keith. Cheers, better than doing the chores!

    Chris. There were also lots of other smaller beasties around!!

    Thanks Bob.

    Warren. Well, I thought I watched it 'flap, flap, glide' but I agree the wings do look like Kestrel. The 'jesses' are actually the legs of it's recent kill that the Buzzard fancied.

    Matt. Cheers, they are in a class of their own.

    Jenny. I hope the answer fits the picture.

  8. Hi Frank...BEAUTIFUL Banded Demoiselle captures!! I haven't seen the Banded yet in my woods...the dragons are in full force and I'm loving it! Quite a few Red Admirals,too. Thanks for that I.D.! It's been so long since I've blogged, thought I'd pop in to say hello...hope you and Anita are having a wonderful summer!!

  9. Hi Kim. Great to hear from you and we both hope you and the family are well.
    Fairly warm and humid over here so have been out most days hunting for something different...all good fun. Hugs from FAB and Anita.

  10. Karen. Always delighted to share whatever I see and pleased that you appreciate it.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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