Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Getting Closer.

A follow up to my post 'Along the River Bank' when I finally decided to try out the addition of an extender tube with the zoom lens to attemt to get some closer images of the elegant Demoiselles. 
Beautiful Demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo).
The female above was captured just using just the 70-300 lens but all the following Banded Demoiselle males were taken with the addition of an EF25 11 Extender Tube and the images have been slightly cropped. I had forgotten to make a mental note of the minimum and maximum focusing distances so there was a bit of trial and error shooting with the zoom at 300mm while trying to maintain the subject in focus and keep everything steady....there was a gentle breeze blowing the folige and its occupants around.
[Please click any image to enlarge].
Banded Demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens).
Very occasionally the male would flex its wings usually a few moments after it resettled on its perch.
Banded Demoiselles

I would have preferred a single coloured background but when you are pointing at something over water that is rarely possible with reflected light etc. If you have any experience using this type of extension tube and have any tips then I would be pleased to hear them.
Anyway I am reasonably happy with the results bearing in mind I didn't use a tripod just my knees to steady the gear while trying not to slip off the bank into the water!   FAB.


  1. Lovely images Frank, it worked out well.

  2. You should ecstatic with the results Frank. Well done. I could not have done so well. Perhaps I'll think of using an extender sometime in the future myself. Carol

  3. LOL! Glad you didn't fall in! Great shots Frank.

  4. Lovely shots Frank, I've been trying to get photos of the same, saw many today but very poor light and the few I got aren't in clear focus. So it goes, huh? I was keeping a keen eye on the creek's edge myself today, ha!

  5. Hi Frank. Well I think the images speak for themselves as the results are top notch and DOF spot on.I would be extremly happy with results like this. The thing to remember is the maximum focus distance and to be within it. Thinking about that would'nt it be nice if camera manufacturers had a distance readout in the viewfinder like digital tape measures for when working in manual mode.
    Anyway really well done and look for more in the future.

  6. Brilliant photos Frank. Great depth of focus especially considering the lens combination - not easy to say the least.

  7. Frank, I think you found success! These are great captures! ~karen

  8. Excellent images Frank.The Banded is on our wish list,so well done you.

  9. Roy. Cheers, it was worth the effort.

    Carol. I'm happier now I have your approval. Not quite as simple as using the standard set up but worth trying for close-ups on a very calm day.

    Mona. It would have been a steep climb to get back

    Jann E. You are not alone, I dumped quite a few dodgy ones! Take care when you tread your roadside haunts.

    Monty. Thanks again for your original suggestion and the tips. The technology must be possible but at what price!!

    Midmarsh John. Thanks very much. I guess I was a little lucky this time.

    KaHolly. Ta very much Karen.

    JRandSue. John, you will have to travel a little to the north-west to find some I think.

  10. I'll have to look into one of those extenders Frank. I like the outcome of your efforts today. well done mate.

  11. Warren. Not cheap but if I get to grips with it then it will be worth it.

    Scillybirds. Thanks Paul.

  12. Hi Frank......really beautiful shots of the banded damoiselle. A lovely subject for checking out your skills.

    Well done, it is lovely to see the detail......

  13. Hi Cheryl Thank you very much for your appreciative comment.

  14. Wow,that electric blue color is unearthly! The last photo is magic!

  15. These photos of the demoiselles are wonderful - clarity and detail - likewise your garden photos. These are difficult subjects to get in proper focus. I like the multi-colored background - gives an interesting, almost surreal effect. Chris

  16. They are beautiful, and amazingly sharp when you consider the breeze.

    I like to use a breeze to get creative - find some brightly coloured flowers against a wall on a breezy day, focus on the wall and you'll get some lovely colourful results!

  17. Amila. Certainly makes this Damsel stand out from the crowd.

    Chris Petrak. Good to hear from you as always Chris. All I need now is for some avian subjects to sit still AND within range!

    Gaina. Thanks for the creative tip. I'll try tat sometime.


    I really do know why famous Designer like Yves Saint Laurent creats all these blue shaded delicate fabrics....: he just copied this wonderful animal's "dress".......!!

    I love this elegant mosaic you created with this fabulous "Libellula"!

    have a good evening, Frank!
    ciao ciao elvira

  19. Elvira. I'm sure that the form and colours in nature have provided many designers with inspiration as well as yourself.
    ciao ciao FAB.


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