Friday, 30 July 2010

Pinks and Reds.

Other commitments have kept me away from wildlife watching this week so here are a few images of the current crop of blooms from a short stroll around the garden. 
Lilium Stargazer

Lilium Black Beauty


If the weather holds fair then hopefully the coming week will provide some wildlife sightings to share.   FAB.


  1. Those stargazers are just exquisite. Next to the Oriental Trumpet Lily, they are my favorite flower. Just gorgeous

  2. Frank, love these. Can't tell you how much. They are gorgeous. Red flowers just pop. Carol

  3. Frank, I love the vivid pinks of these flowers.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment. I had to make a correction on the text and when I reposted your comment got lost but I didn't want you to think I deleated it on purpose.

  4. Aaahhh!! The Stargazer Lily.....It sure commands attention in the garden....and deserves it ...its gorgeous !!!Thanks for your garden photos!!!

  5. Lilies are great. You've got some beautiful colors there.

  6. Hi Frank......beautiful blooms.
    Lillies are exquisite, and yours appear to be perfect. Has the lily beetle reached your garden?
    I have had damage on some plants.

    Fushias are not a personal favourite of mine, although I do grow them here. I did find a hardy fushia that is pure white with a tinge of pale green on the edge of the petals. I really love it, so provided it is hardy it will stay amongst the wild flowers.

    A remember a professional gardener describing fushia as 'tart's earrings......his words, not mine but it did make me smile.

    Have a good weekend, and hope you will be able to get out more next week......

  7. Those lilies are beautiful Frank.
    Now my cat is no longer with me, I must get some for my garden.

  8. ...the lilies are gorgeous--beautiful color. Hope you get out next week. I'm getting tired of commitments! They are such a drag when I'd rather be out birding (but at least you have a beautiful garden to look at in between).

  9. Beautiful colours again Frank.

  10. Love these Frank, and those Stargazers, oh how I enjoy their lovely fragrance this time of year. I had some, but some little critter dug up the bulbs quite a while back. My oldest of 3 daughters adores them and has plenty in her yard, for me to gaze upon~

  11. Every time I see Stargazers, my heart skips a beat as they are VERY special flowers to me. Your garden must look fantasic Frank. I sure do miss having one to work in and do some planting.

  12. Such beautiful flowers Frank, the Stargazers are so stunning & impressive. I really should have a go at growing them next year. Brilliant!
    Hope you enjoying your weekend.
    Hopefully, you'll have chance to catch up with some wildlife walking this coming week!

  13. Great shots of your garden flora Frank the colours are so vibrant the lillies are superb.

  14. Beautiful lilies! I have stargazer lilies at home. Your post has reminded me to ask my daughter to send pictures. :)

  15. the wildlife photos are great, Frank, but the flowers right in your own back yard are just as wonderful to see. Thanks for brightening the weekend.

  16. Unbelievable photography!! WOW!!!!!!

  17. Hi Everyone. Thanks for keeping in touch. As you probably guessed Lilies are one of my summer favourites and I'm delighted to share them.....more coming up soon. FAB.

  18. Hi Cheryl.
    The Lily Beetle is and always has been a permanent resident!
    'Tarts Earings'

    Hi Joan. Just a few 'gems' jotted around here and there...the rest is very GREEN.

    Hi Shirleyanne. Great flowers and fragrance. Definitely worth a little space.

    Hi Lisa. Great to hear from you. Ta very much.


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