Thursday, 1 May 2014

Recent Wildlife.

I will be off-line for a while hopefully putting the new lens and a another camera to good use in a totally different environment. After sifting through the archives here are some images taken during March and April.

The first set is from my wanderings around the lake in Bushy Park in March.

 Egyptian Goose with its early brood of youngsters.

One little gosling was very hesitant about getting its feet wet!

Red-crested Pochard (male)

Red-crested Pochard (female)

A young Grey Heron following its parents advice .... 'always stand very still'.

The next set is from a very recent stroll at Riverside Country Park, on the outskirts of Guildford.

 Tufted Duck (male)
Taken with the new lens ... I'm very pleased with the improved clarity and detail.

 Green-veined White (Pieris napi)

Cormorant resting.

 A very fluffed-up Robin.

 Inquisitive Wren.

The under-wing pattern on a Green-veined White (Pieris napi) taken just a few days ago with a new Cannon PowerShot SX50 HS.

And finally my early morning alarm chorister, the Blackbird.

So in about 30 hours time it will be ....... Arrivederci. Durante la prossima settimana speriamo di essere godendo un gelato e una vista sulle coste del Lago di Garda. FAB.


  1. You have been a busy boy Frank. Fine collection.

  2. Gorgeous entries Frank. That young gosling is adorable...great capture...they all are though. Take care...see you online soon~

  3. Fantastic photos! A marvelous series of nature's beauty! Thank you Frank :)

  4. Hi Frank I am glad you dipped into your archives as all these shots are great. Love the cute Goslings and the puffed up Robin. Have a good time away. I am off today also.

  5. Brilliant post Frank,top notch images.

  6. Thats a great set Frank.
    New camera.??

  7. Amazing photos, Frank! Love that Egyptian Goose. What kind of lens did you get??

  8. Thanks for dropping by as always I appreciate your kind comments.

    Roy ... it's a Cannon SX50 HS (Bridge Camera). Hoping to give it a good test under some Italian sunshine.

  9. Nice photos, and nice collection! The great cormorant can be seen on our Eastern coastline, excluding Florida's I'm afraid. (Georgia and eastward), and only in winter. Great post!


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