Friday, 9 May 2014

Patch Birds.

A few images of some of the recent regulars seen on my local patch just to keep things ticking over.

Coot out for a stroll.

  Mallards on the move.

Grey Heron.

Female Linnet (Shame about the background)

Willow Warbler.

Male Blackcap.

 Common Whitethroat high amongst the blossom

Starling checking out a possible threat from overhead!

 A Roe Buck watching the 'watcher'.

Carrion Crow just strutting around.
Canada Geese enjoying a feed around the 8th green at Horton G.C.

 Speckled Wood alighted in the garden.

And finally (through the window) a Starling eying up the freshly filled suet feeder.

N.B. This is a scheduled post and I should be back live sometime over the weekend.


  1. Lovely photos! And I had to smile when I saw the last one, as it looks as
    the fence has got a beak too :)

  2. Hi Frank. Loved this series of photos today. Almost all my posts are pre-scheduled anymore. I'm finding that blogging is very time-consuming. But I do enjoy it.

  3. Hi Frank..Beautiful and varied pictures .. Happy Weekend ..

  4. ...this is a great variety! The little blackcap is cute.

  5. What a fun group of images.

  6. Nice variety! It's always so nice to get to see a good handful of different species in one outing.


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