Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Noisy Red Buck.

Some while ago I promised to share some images of the Red Deer during the rutting season. So while I'm away you can enjoy the very noisy roars from one of the Red Bucks in Bushy Park.

Red Deer (and Fallow Deer) roam freely in the park and are generally quite tolerant of humans but during the rut it is important to remember that these deer are wild animals and the recommendation is to keep at least 50 metres away from the deer and be aware of your surroundings so that you do not come between two rutting stags or a mother and her calf. I'll admit that I was certainly a lot closer on this occasion but this old bruiser was used to being in the frame.

I'll find a few more from the archives for another post in the future.   FAB.

N.B. This is a scheduled post so I'll catch up with everyone sometime next week.


  1. Wow, wonderful shots Frank! Sounds like the bison ("buffalo") I enjoyed seeing at Custer State Park when I lived in S Dakota (US). Tourists were always dumb about keeping distance, rutting season or not! Really great photos, thanks for sharing.

  2. Splendid photos, Frank! You did good! Reminds me of when we go down to the Missouri River to watch the Elk in rutting season.

  3. These are fantastic shots Frank.

  4. Hi Frank, what amazing captures!!!

  5. Stunning photos!! And a lovely animal!

  6. I have been enjoying browsing through all your lovely posts this morning Frank. All are fantastic but the close ups of these deer are spectacular!!!


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