Monday, 26 May 2014

Red-crested Pochard.

One of the daily encounters during our recent holiday at Lake Garda was the flypast of one or two Red-Crested Pochard(Netta rufina) which for me would be an unusual sight in the UK apart from those individuals that permanently reside around the lake in Bushy Park.

The adult females are typically plain brown and at long distance might be mistaken for a large pale Common Scoter with its distinctive two tone head pattern; off-white sides and the dark brown forehead, crown and hindneck.

The males are unmistakeable with their coral red bills and their 'coiffed' hairdo of rusty-orange that changes shades depending on the light angles.


  1. Excellent images, Frank! That male is really flashy!

  2. This is an interesting duck with lots of interesting colorations.

  3. Hi Frank these aare lovely ducks but I did not know they were living in UK, certainly not here in N.Irealnd

  4. Cracking ducks to see Frank, I'm lucky enough to have a couple of breeding pairs reasonably close to me here...[;o)


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