Thursday, 25 March 2010

Treetop Warbler.

During a number of brief forrays out locally this week I have heard newly arrived Chiffchaffs calling but locating them high on their song posts within woodland was not easy, nor was getting really decent shots with grey overcast skies. (Please note that all these shots are heavily cropped).
However, one of three individuals singing at Epsom Common gave me one opportunity as I stretched my neck and pointed the lens upwards.
A few moments later it decided to go fly catching and dive bombed its prey!

It eventually resettled on the same perch and began singing again for a short while and then there was absolute silence throughout the woodland and I realised that the Chiffchaff and everything else had suddenly disappeared. Searching the sky above I eventually spotted a female Sparrowhawk very high above and moving away. It always amazes me how observant these small birds are to sense the presence of a predator so far above them.  FAB.


  1. I love the picture of the chiffchaff divebombing a bug! I wasn't familiar with this little warbler, but your photo captures it so well I think I now have a pretty clear image. Thank you!

  2. Love that photo 2-cool action shot!

  3. Such a cute little bird. It's amazing how they can always tell a "friendly" from a "foe". Nice shots.

  4. You and me both Frank. Incredible how they know when danger is around.

    Good captures from their high perches. A real spring sound, that call.
    Willows next? Been a couple of sightings round here apparently.

  5. I often hear Chiff Chaffs but I have never managed to see one yet, let alone photograph one.

  6. heavily cropped, really! Well then the camera does its job, because we do not really see it. These are beautiful captures and I love the flying and jumping ones ;-) very funny!!

  7. Never heard of a ChiffChaff before. Great shots! ~ks

  8. Karen. It's a Phylloscopus warbler also known as an 'LBJ' (Little Brown Job).

  9. Kay. One of a number of 'LBJ's' that test our ID skills when they arrive!

    Larry. It was a lucky shot, but worth posting.

    Mona. Far better eyesight or even 2nd sight that us mere humans!

    Keith. Will have to search another local site for Willows very shortly.

    John. Keep looking up high.

    Chris. Yeah, for once the hands must have been steady.


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