Friday, 5 March 2010

SkyWatch - Sea and Sky.

Searching for the boundary between sea and sky over The Swale during the calmest day of the year on a birding visit to the North Kent marshes earlier this week.
Both images shot with 50mm lens,  f/7.1,  1/640
For more fabulous Skywatch Friday images please click the link here or in the sidebar. FAB.


  1. Beautiful! You have really captured the feeling of distance and space.

  2. My, that's a good example of infinity! Good work.

  3. Hi Frank my you have been busy, sorry its taken me so long to catch up. Well those two shots of sea and sky are great, also the Barn Owl, Bittern on your visit to Kent. But most of all I love those Barge images on the Swale (FABulous) keep them coming.

  4. Gorgeous beginning, ending and in between!

  5. Great scene shots Frank. Quite serene.

  6. Hi Everyone. So glad you enjoyed my attempt to capture infinite distance on such a calm day.

    Have a good weekend. FAB.

  7. Hi Angie. Thanks, it was certainly easier than trying to capture a Barn Owl in flight!


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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