Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Some Yellow at Last.

At last we have some yellows shining in the garden, all we need now is plenty of proper sunshine.  FAB.


  1. Nice shots Frank its good to see a bit of colour, it has to get better soon!!!

  2. We have some daffs, it's better than snow!!!!!!!!!

  3. They are lovely Frank.

  4. Hi Frank,
    I love them... if only we could get them in the garden over here... only in pots and in the house!!! take care of yours ;-)

  5. Yes, yellow sure does the heart good - like medicine ;-) Beautiful spring pictures!

  6. All the yellow in my garden has been knocked over by the wind and hail :-(

    Nice bright blog today though, need something to lift the gloom!

  7. Couldn't agree more Frank. I love that one with the reflexed petals (is that the right word??) (-: I think we all need some sun right now!

  8. Monty. I certainly hope so, I'm beginning to wonder what the sun looks like!

    Bob. I agree. Have you had more snow?

    Roy. Thanks.

    Chris. Many of ours are in pots dotted around the garden. Nice to have some colour indoors.

    Bad Girl. Certainly lifts the spirits.

    Warren. I'm trying my best to stay positive for that Spring sunshine.

    Jenny. 'Reflexed' is correct. One of the 'cyclamineus' types, either Itzim or Jet Fire. There is a white one called 'Jenny'.

  9. Hello Frank, Lovely photos!
    The daffs are a Welcome sight.

  10. Hello Shirleyanne. More and more are opening up as the days go by.


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