Friday, 12 March 2010

Riverside Park Walk.

Some images from a walk last week, at Riverside Park, starting as usual alongside the Wey Navigation from the iron bridge.
A Grey Wagtail appeared briefly on the path behind us but as soon as we turned around it promptly flew away into a nearby garden. We scanned the water meadows and located over 30 Pied Wagtails busily feeding plus distant movements amoungst the grass of Meadow Pipits and probable Water Pipits through the bins. (A scope would have made the task easier if I had bothered to take it!) 
Still plenty of seeds on the riverside reeds gently swaying in the chilly breeze. We searched the trees alongside the Wey Navigation and found Blue, Great and Long-tailed Tits, Chaffinch, Blackbird and Goldfinch. I also heard Siskins but couldn't locate them high in the top of the Alders. A lonesome Redwing was seen searching through the very damp undergrowth and a number of Wrens flitting  alongside the path.
Close to the lock a Canada Goose popped its head up to check on the nearby intruders to its patch!
We stopped at the lake for a rest and spotted a single Great Crested Grebe, Tufted Ducks, Mallards and various Canada Geese all paired up. It was peacefully quiet until the 'honking' begun and two geese took a disliking to one another. I wasn't ready for the action on the water but just managed to capture them as the chase to took to the air. They soon returned to their respective partners on the water non the worse for their brief encounter! 
Two Cormorants posed on the Tern raft, totally oblivious to anything around them. 
Hopefully we will have the opportunity to watch the Common Terns nesting when they return.   FAB.


  1. Hi Frank,
    I'm also waiting for the return of terns but the arctic one! Hope I'll get some nice shots of them this year.

    You got a nice walk and I love the first picture and the head-popping up Canada goose. We do not see this species too much around. It is rare, but it is usually spotted one or twice a year!!

  2. Always a pleasure to visit your blog and see what you see! Nice post.

  3. ...a lovely can tell the tide is shifting and spring is getting a foothold! Thank goodness...

  4. Beautiful scenery along the river. It was good to catch some of the action with the Canada Geese.

  5. Unusual for Canadas to take a dislike to each other Frank. Must have been a bad day. Great photos of the action though.

  6. Hi Chris. We both have Trens to look forward to. The bridge has featured a few times and I have a few CG shots up my sleeve, just for you!

    Hi Mona. My daily visitor is always warmly welcome.

    Hi Kelly. I think our weather pattern is holding things back; we urgently need some warmer southerly winds to give spring a boost.

    Hi mick. Sorry, I left one pic out...two canoeist on the river quietly paddling by.

    Hi Roy. Well, they certainly weren't acting!

  7. Another lovely day for you, I can hardly wait to get out and take some adventures, coming soon, weather is kind of going back and forth right now~

  8. Enjoyed your walk today. The bridge picture is postcard perfect! You may not have been ready, but the action shots you posted were great! What kind of cormorants are those? The one on the left has so much white on its head. ~karen

  9. Hi Mary HC. Similar situation here; difficult to predict from one day to the next.

    Hi Karen. They are both Great Cormorants but the left hand individual, sporting more white, is probably the elder statesman.

  10. A lovely walk Frank accompanied by lovely photos, all of which I enjoyed particularly the rather cheeky looking Canada Goose :)

  11. Beautiful pics! LOVE that bridge!

  12. Hi Jan. Cheers. The CG was an inquisitive individual and unexpectedly quiet!

    Hi Kerri. The bridge is a favourite at any time of year providing the opportunity for reflections in the water.

  13. I just discovered your blog and am enjoying it immensely. What lovely photos! I'll drop by often.

  14. Thank you for this lovely nature tour.

  15. Every single Photo of this walk is really wonderful!
    Especially the Great Crestet Crebe is just perfect....he is a real beauty!!!!

    Have a sunny weekend!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  16. indicaspecies. You are welcome Celine, any and every time.

    Elvira. Thank you. BTW the photo was a Canada Goose, not a GC Grebe!
    Unfortunately the forecast is for more rain but no doubt you will have sunshine. ciao ciao Frank.


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