Monday, 22 March 2010

Territorial Dunnock.

During the past few days one male Dunnock (Prunella modularis) has been announcing his territorial ownership by singing from the highest perch he could find in a conifer situated in a neighbours garden.
Similar in size to our Robin with a warbler-like bill he loudly projected his even pitch, shuttling song, (sometimes said to be like a squeaking gate or trolley wheels) and was constantly answered by another male calling from a much taller conifer 100 yards away.
A flutter of his wings as he repositioned himself.
He then took up a stationery pose once his opponent stopped singing. Generally a quiet, unobtrusive bird that is often overlooked as it skulks through the undergrowth and belies its spicy sex life which I won't recount here but you can check out a piece I posted a year ago for more detail, if you are interested.  FAB.


  1. that wing shot in the second photo! I remember reading that post last year! He is quite the little devil!

  2. There's a couple of these singing on the route I take the dog for a walk in the mornings. Always in good voice. Lovely little birds.

  3. Hi Frank,
    Wow this is a nice post man! You got it very well. This is a bird I've only seen once in France even if it is really common...

  4. Hi Frank, I like to see a male Dunnock like that. Its so out of its normal character and it does have an amazing song.

  5. I too love the wingshot. Very nice series! Just really like your blog.

  6. Wow..That's what I call winging it! great shot!

  7. Snap,
    I got a Dunnock photo today. They were about the only thing to brave th wind!

  8. Hello Frank. Really enjoyed your post.
    So lovely to hear the birds at this time of year particularly early in the morning. So nice to wake up too. Although a keen interest, I'm too much of a novice to relate sounds to a particular bird.
    Kindest Regards

  9. That is a wonderful bird, its song is tremendous.

  10. That second image is fabulous!! :) Nice series...

  11. Hi Kelly, Keith, Chris, Roy, Mona, Susan, Warren, Shirleyanne, Bob and Angad.

    The early morning chorus is beginning to increase day by day in volume and the Dunnock adds it's own special sounds to the orchestra. FAB.

  12. The Dunnock's wings fluttering is too cute.....absolutely wonderful picture!!!!!

    I did try again to practice a little birdwatching....but I am not as fortunate as you! Living in a protected hilly natural parc, on top of a hill, I do hear early in the morning an amazing "birdsong concert"; I can see a lot of birds; but they are soooo shy and fly away so quick..!
    I have to do some more practice!!
    ...Till then I follow and enjoy your wonderful birdwatching photos!
    Have a wonderful week!
    ciao ciao elvira

  13. Elvira. Patience and practise are a very good motto for birdwatching plus a pair of binoculars helps!
    Keep watching and listening. Ciao, ciao FAB.


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