Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Lone Sentry.

A very brief circuit around a local pond just after midday. The water was very quiet with Mallard, Coot and  Tufted Duck hiding out of the wind in the furthest margins; Moorhen disappearing into the weeds and just a single solitary Cormorant on sentry duty on its usual post.
So with little happening it was back home to catch up on a few DIY chores.  FAB


  1. All quiet on the homefront, huh? Hope you got lots done today so you can go play tomorrow! ~karen

  2. Lovely shots as always Frank.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  3. Love the image of the lonely feathered watcher over the water! The cormorant looks as if he has all the time in the world to dream!

  4. Beautiful shots, they are both lovely images.

  5. Nice shot of the cormorant Frank. :)

  6. Wonderful shot of the lone Cormorant, Frank. He's certainly taking his sentry duties seriously!

  7. Just as quiet here mate! Think i'll go to bed for aweek or so, give me a nudge when it livens up!

  8. KaHolly. Taking it slowly Karen. Only played in the garden today, but no visitors to talk to!

    Lindz. Thanks for stopping by.

    Guy D. Cheers.

    Greyscale Territory. Appreciate you stopping by Gemma. Dreaming..I think he had little else to do!

    Eileeninmd. Thanks, they were the best I could show for a quiet, grey day.

    Angad. Nice to hear from you. I'm sure you would have got a closer shot!

    Mona. Very patient as always.

    Warren. I've set the alarm for next Wednesday!!

  9. So peaceful - this is the calm before the migration storm ;-) Nice shot of your lone cormorant!

  10. Bad Girl. A little too quiet on the avian front at the momemnt We desperately need some southerly winds to help the migrants on their way to us from Africa etc.


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