Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Not Quite all Blue and White.

Whilst doing some work in the garden my eyes where drawn towards the two main colours, blue and white, that seem to predominate at the moment.
Muscari and Scilla's.
The whites are predominately from various tall and expanding clumps of Leucojum aestivum, which began life as just three bulbs some years ago, (the flowers open outwards and have green nibs on each petal); the much rarer and shorter Leucojum vernum 'Podpolozje' (the flowers hang downwards like lanterns and have distinctive yellow nibs) and of course the Snowdrops.
The Narcissus are only just thinking about showing some colour but ther is still others to enjoy including the Hellebores with a few darker forms now adding to the palette plus the striped Tulip leaves and the gently fading long catkins on the Corylus contorta.  
Some of my readers will remember the pair of special pots that were a surprise gift from my dear friends at Whichford Pottery and at long last I have planted these up with two different Phormiums underpanted with some Heucheras.
One main task was to tidy up an old Clematis that constantly outgrows it's support. I have therefore used some old metal tubing from the defunct fruit cage to extend its height and spent ages untangling the old stems, pruning and then retying into the support. I just hope the display is as good as in previous years, but only time will tell.  FAB.


  1. Hi Frank,
    Wow your garden is quite colorful! This seems to be a nice place to relax and enjoy the spring... Over here, the crocus are just appearing but the weather is still very cold!

  2. Lots of beautiful colour Frank, thanks for posting.

  3. Beautiful flowers! I'm a terrible gardener but I vow to try again this year!

  4. Oh...I just loved seeing these flowers. It's still a bit too cold here, but the daffodils are starting to open and the crocus are too. Love those handmade pots. They are stunning...

  5. Love viewing your garden delights, spring is a lovely time. Your posies are lovely too. I love the Siberian Squill you have as well as the Muscari. Our Squill is showing along with the Crocus, still waiting on the Muscari. Have a grand day and keep sharing, we so enjoy it~

  6. All the colors are beautiful. Your garden will look wonderful!

  7. Hi Frank just catching up on your last few posts, you have some beautiful floral pics posted. Looks like you have been busy with your walks and trips to the coast, must say the sets of shots are great

  8. Colourful and tidy Frank. Those Hellebores are a lovely plant.

    Mine's colourful, but a bit of a mess at the moment. I blame the dog. lol

  9. Hello Frank, Thank you for sharing.
    Such a good time of the year. Love the variety of flowers you have shown. Beautiful. I remember your pots aswell, a good choice of plants for them.
    Take care

  10. Hi Chris, Roy, Kerri, Kelly, Mary, Mona, Monty, Keith & Shirleyanne.

    It certainly lifts the spirits to see some colour shining through at long last. With some nice Spring sunshine (when it appears) we may even be able to sit out and enjoy it. FAB.

  11. Fantastic flowers and photos! Not a thing is in bloom yet here in S Dakota, NOTHING! ARG! I can't wait to move where there is year-round plant life! Anyway, I found the variety and beauty of your garden stunning!


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