Sunday, 15 November 2009

Wey Navigation Walk (Part 3)

My recent reflective stroll along the Wey Navigation from Bowyers Lock to Send Bridge was not over blessed with wildlife sightings probably because I didn't start early enough! Quite a few Mallards patrolling the water and corvids flying around included Crows, Jackdaws and Magpies. Robin, Wren, Blackbird and a Mistle Thrush made brief appearances. I also listened to and watched a party of Long-tailed Tits foraging through the pathway foliage together with Blue and Great Tits.

Common Buzzard seen perched a quater of a mile away. (Original shot cropped)

A pair of Cormorants taking a rest some distance away.

Plenty of Alder fruits but no Siskins (I did hear Goldfinches.)

Young Mute Swan preening.

In the distance (half a mile away) I heard the skwarking calls of Rose-ringed Parakeets as they continually circled around a Common Buzzard

A long distance shot as the Parakeets flew away.

A second Buzzard was beig harrassed by a Crow.

One of the many Mallard enjoying the peaceful waterway.   FAB.


  1. Looks like a nice day to be out and about even if you were too late to get much bird action!

  2. I'm squarking right now because you have seen some amazing moments in nature! This is so different from what I have imagined about birding n Britain..truly...thanks. A lot.

  3. Gorgeous photos! My sky is rather empty, though of course there are birds in it...just not as many and just not as close to capture! Well done!

  4. ...I like that cormorant shot. I just don't see them around here. I would love to turn the bend and see a pair sitting in a tree! The Mute Swan photo is stellar...I like the vantage point, catching him from behind with his curving neck.

  5. Olá Frank,
    Beautiful fotos da natureza.
    They are photos uanderful.Imagining the work that...At the same time is gratifying.My eyes they thank:-)


    p.s(sorry my english is bad)

  6. Very nice! I really like the Mute Swan photo as well. Nice angle on him. Great post.

  7. Lovely photos. It seems really odd to see a Cormorant up a tree for some reason. :)

  8. Hi "Early Birders"..Thanks for all your comments.

    Wilma. At least there were plenty of other natural images to keep me amused.

    Susan. You will have to explain what you expected 'Birding n Britain' to be!

    Kelly. Cormorants in trees is pretty commonplace over here. The Swan didn't want a full face photo so had to be content with the other end!

    Olá Nice Lima. Welcome & thank you. Your English is pretty good. Lovely photos on your blog. FAB.

    Mona. Thanks but can't compete with your 'Photoshop' talents.

    Gaina. Very common sight as Cormorant also nest in trees.

    Have a good week everyone while I'm away for a few days. FAB.


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