Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Moon Lighting The Way Forward.

My view of the early evening sky as I left work on Thursday 29th October. A very quick snap taken using the 70-300 lens. During the following days we have experienced more rain storms.
Five days later.. a full moon tonight in all its glory. Digiscoped using the Samsung S1030 from the back garden on a much colder night with little or no cloud but a forecast of more bad weather on the way!
The countdown at work continues......just 3 days to go. In the meantime we have an important event in the 'EB' household on Thursday 5th so please stop by again. FAB.


  1. My brother has a photograph of the moon that my father took many years ago (he died 20 years ago) that is up close like your photo here. In recent years as I have learned about digiscopes I have begun to think he did this with equipment he had, using his 5th grade education. I actually have some scopes that were his that I was told were for his camera that I have never been able to figure out what/how he used them with his camera. As I learn a little about digiscope I think I am beginning to get a clue.

    I know we see moon shots all the time, but this one shot brought back pleasant memories.

  2. Beautiful images Frank.

  3. Yesterday evening around 6:00 p.m. our moon hung big and bright in the sky too. I nearly ran off the road when it came into view! Your photos are beautiful...

  4. Hi there Frank, I love both your moon shots! Very nice :-D

    Funnily enough the moon was shinning brightly up my way tonight too with a lovely blue sky behind it for a while. I thought about getting my camera out too as it seemed larger tonight but got distracted with something inside and then the moment was forgotten. Aw well :-)

  5. Leedra. Try looking at Dales blog
    & search for his helpful tips on digiscoping, it may help. I'm very pleased the memories were good.

    Thanks Roy.

    Kelly. Funny...I was watching the moon all the way home tonight...thinking where the hell can I stop & take a photo!!

    shirl. Yeah..same moon (sorry). Never mind you can share my shot anytime.

  6. Intoxicating captures, Frank! My absolute favorite moment to be in....surrounded by a moonlit evening.

  7. Thanks Kim. I agree but preferably when the temperatures are higher. By the way the moon was still to be seen, albeit, much duller again this morning. FAB.

  8. Love the atmosphere in that first shot Frank. I've never been able to get a decent shot of the moon, and that second one is a cracker.

  9. Ah, I just googled 'digiscoping' and I understand it now :). Nice photos!

  10. Frank, your moon images are fantastic. It certainly has been a sight to behold for the past week or so, working its way toward full. I was awakened by it shining in my bedroom window at 3am the other night. I smiled at it and went back to sleep, content.

  11. Hi Frank,
    Gorgeous shots... You know that the first hours we see the moon over here now is around 15h30!!! and it has been very beautiful these two last days with a beautiful orange light coming from the sun!!

  12. Keith. If I can do it, you certainly can.

    Gaina. Thanks. What would we do without 'google'!

    Heather. It's nice to know it is always out there looking after you.
    As I left work tonight it was hidden, low behind the trees but after a while it showed its beaming face again.

    Chris. Are you going to capture its glowing face for us?

    Angie. Thank you very much.

  13. Frank,
    Just gorgeous photos of that moon..simply overwhelming to look up and see that!!

  14. Thank you Tina. Just as well I had the camera with me!


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